What are your bed stats?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brahski, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. i think i have a queen or the one right under... full?

    dont know how much it was but it has a layer of this special gel, it sure seems like a high quality fairly expensive bed.

    though im like 6'3 and my feet can reach the wooden frame of the bed.
    i need a king size for my tall ass.

    im definatly gonna get a temperpedic(sp?!??!) or however u spell it bed once im good financially :)

    2 pillows, more then that get annoying and i move them to the size and they take up room.

    blankets varies by the season.
    1 throughout all of summer some of fall and spring.
    in winter i get two blankets. one is the normal cotton or w/e blankets are made out of.

    the 2nd blanket is like the furry/heavy ones ? you know what im saying

    in my language there is a name for these different kind of blankets. in english no such thing.

    and no socks ever, unless im really sick :)
  2. Bad planning for that purchase
  3. Twin size air mattress with a nifty memory foam pad on top of it. My parents were going to toss it but I nabbed it, shit was so comfy. Everyone who lays on it says it's the best bed ever.

    One downside, it's a little on the small side since I like to sleep like a windmill. :smoke:
  4. Queen size pillow top, 2 pillows and a comforter. Also throw the dog in there
  5. To prop yourself up whilst watching tv or browsing GC. :D

    And my matress is rock solid. :( but I love a lot of blankets.

    I have a knit blanket, small white one, a quilt, a comforter, and a big warm thermal blanket. Four regular pillows.
  6. i sleep on a mattress on the floor. I just threw my bed in the dumpster because of a bed bug infestation. I live in a big old building that was converted into apartments.

    1 long pillow, 2 regular pillows
    1 comforter

    I hope the bed bugs dont bite tonight. I stayed up all last night and just slaughtered the fuck out of them. I have had enough.

    Anybody know where i can get some DDT?
  7. Queen size bed, got like 8 pillows or something because my gf picked out our bed set and a huge fatass comforter which comes in handy for them harsh winters. Back in the day all I had was a blanket and 2 pillows and that was satisfactory.
  8. A slow leak in an air bed can drive you nuts when you're trying to sleep. That's why I don't let any fat fuckers sit on my shit.
  9. My next place will probably be a small studio apartment, which truly is my ideal habitat, so I'm not even taking my mattress with me.

    I figure an assortment of sleeping bags and comforters on the floor will work quite nicely... as a matter of fact, I think I'll do that tonight.

  10. 6x2ft cot with a mosquito net, sleeping bag and sweats for a pillow.:love:
  11. I have a full size futon with a crappy thin mattress on a metal frame. I keep an electric blanket under my sheets. and i use two blankets on top. no top sheet.
  12. Full size, comforter, 2 pillows, memory foam mattress
  13. full size bed, 3 pillows. my mattress sucks dick its hard as fuck.

    and i sleep on top of my comforter i never get under the sheets. im fucking weird i guess.
  14. Full size bed, some super comfortable cushion thing on it, two pillows, a sheet and comforter

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  15. shyyyt 5 blankets does sound nice....gonna have to try that sometime.

    i just got a standered queen, blanket and 2 pillows. nothin spectacular...
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    I need one of those.

    I have a queen with a solid darkwood frame, quite a tasteful headrest. A soft mattress with a pillowtop, sheepskin protector/insulator, white egyptian cotton sheets, a 100% wool duvet, and some physiotherapy designed pillow that I would probably take a bullet for. I take care of my sleep.
  17. 50x50 inches, cardboard exterior and interior, half an inch thick, doubles up as a house.
  18. Double bed (though it's very high) with a foam mattress and a mattress topper, 6/7 pillows, nice big comfy king size duvet.
  19. my couch until i strart to travel. then id sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent!
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    Alright, im sorry, but nobody has as fucking cool off a bed as me(Not trying to brag...well kinda=p).

    I have a vibrating bed! There's a switch that you flip and the whole bed vibrates and massages you......actually kinda freaked out my ex, first time she was in my place, we were in my room sitting on the bed and I was like "Uh, holdup, you gotta see something totally fucking awesome", then I flicked the switch and she looked at me like I was a fucking CREEPER, but it was worth it.

    Oh, and it can go up and down too =D

    Also, its Full size, and has two very unfluffy normal pillows and 1 extremely fluffy long pillow.

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