What are you wearing? ;)

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I just want to see how many people fit the 'generic stoner/hippie profile'. Include a description of your hairstyle and your gender as well.

    I'm wearing a blue tie-dye shirt (the kind without any real pattern, just bunched up), brownish cargo shorts, and brown suede Converse sneakers. My hair is in front of my eyes, and down to the end of my nose if I pull it. It's kind of messy and half-curly and flips up a little at the end.

  2. Im wearing a white and grey striped colored polo shirt. I have some american eagle jeans on that are way too big. I just got my socks on right here. My hair is just on my forehead, maybe an inch long.
  3. a towel and a wife-b and socks.
  4. I'm wearing no shoes, 4 rings; two on each hand, bracelets on each arm, a baggy jacket, black shirt, black baggy-ish pants..
    Hair is curly, brown, sorta crazy-style. With blonde.
  5. right now... wearin Boston redsox sweatpants and red sox shirt to wear to bed...jus got a haircut real short to the sides and short ontop barely over my forehead


    'tis me ^^
  6. hmmm Male, Wearing a nice hollister shirt that says, "fantastic fourplay" and abercrombie jeans with holes or whatever and etnies lol. my haircut is long curly hair to my eyes dirty blonde
  7. white guy wearing khaki shorts with a white tshirt(nothing on it) and a billabong black hoodie with the hood up and an mp3 player with T.I. on it talking about dealing drugs and usually a cigarette in the mouth hair is 3-4 inches brown and shaggy
  8. Male, shaggy dark brown hair, right now, i'm in bed, so boxer shorts and socks. Usually i'm in a pair of Dickies though. Dickies 4 Lyfe.
  9. Anyone else think pictures would be a good idea?
  10. I am a white guy wearin baggy dark blue jeans, blue jeresy type shirt w/ white shit under. And I got black hair combed forward <--ah fuck it you can see my hair in my avatar. tho its shorter now
  11. I think it'd be a little wierd, considering the majority of men, but i'm not stopping anyone.
  12. ahahaa (insert LOL smiley, because this forum doesn't have one)

    No, I just said that because it might be easier than, you know, describing every article of your clothing. And a picture's worth a thousand words, so, you know, that's important.
  13. I was actually thinking about that for a second, no clue why I said it though. No camera though.
  14. Well right now some boxers, long sleve with a short sleve over the top a hemp necklace
  15. male..

    Kahki-cargo pants, dark blue aeropostale short sleeve shirt, hemp necklace from jamaca, my hairs not TOO long, down to about my eye brows.. brown hair... small silver loop in my left ear lobe, plus my cartilige is pierced too.. but i dont have anything in it.. oh yeah and my brand new white (not for long) K-swiss.


    EDIT:// Oh yes, and I'm white :D
  16. Ima guy, Wearin Southpole gray sweatpants. I love these damn things. Got on a lighter gray Southpole hoodie with a wife beater on under it. Boxers and socks, Thas all im wearing. Hairs un-done and and short. I keep it short always.

    Normally during the day ill be wearing w/e brand black jeans, A southpole hoodie, I got many of them. Either a Detroit hat cocked to the right with a blue bandana or jus do my hair with hairspray. Then wear my blue timbo's and my silver braclet. Thats how i roll.
  17. That's super hot, killass
    Mis-matching is always cool, imo. Boxers while wearing a jacket, flip flops and pants and long-sleeves. Baggy shirt and tight pants (on girls, not guys). Tight shirt and baggy pants.
  18. baggy sean john jeans and a brown t-shirt. nike socks
  19. Button-down shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch, a band t-shirt that I paid $5 for at work, hanes boxers, dark khakis from Abercrombie and Fitch, no-name socks, and some retro blue New Balance sneakers. Oh and my jacket is from Abercrombie and fitch. And my beanie is from Ruehl 925.
  20. Butt-naked folks.

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