what are you thinking RIGHT now? :]

Discussion in 'General' started by Badgerrskihigh, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. i hate tokin a bong in a car. skeetch
  2. Literally?

    I was thinking "I wonder what this thread is going to say when I open it..."

    I was also thinking about popping some pills soon (Norcos). :D
  3. Man, work fucking sucked.
  4. I wonder what Kat Von D is like in the sack.
  5. What to eat for dinner..
  6. whether im gonna buy a quarter of dank or a half ounce of mids on monday "/ its a really hard choice because the dank though its better, i cant conserve for shit. and mids ill just end up smoking joint after joint. lol
  7. This this thread is going down!
  8. I ate too much habatchi and desert.

  9. the Gators are getting their ass handed to them by Alabama. :eek:
  10. Should I take this unmentionable, smoke a bowl and chill?

    Or what!?!
  11. that actor from 'catch me if you can' the wife is kinda hot :eek:
  12. thinking that i am gonna get stoned as shit when my dealer gets back from wherever he is

    an i am thinkin of what me an a friend are gonna do when we hang tonight
  13. Tried unmentionables today with some friends, and I'm just in awe about how awesome it was.

    Packing a bowl and thinking about it. :smoke:
  14. Nothing. I've trained my mind to kill off any thoughts as soon as they try to take form.
  15. Woah
    I think Tim Allen is the voice over for this commerical

    Whatever happend to him...:rolleyes::smoke:

  16. ive often thought the same thing.
  17. thinking about how fucking stoked i am that my mom is cool with me smoking now an wtf did i do to get on the good side of karma

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