what are you hittin now after you lit up

Discussion in 'General' started by dayv41, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. now that you're sitting here after lighting up, what else ya doin besides browsing these boards stoned.

    for me its Bone Thugs, Bagel bites, and Green Tea.
  2. yaaaa dude.. bagel bites!!! fuckin rock
  3. Right now, listening to some Young Jeezy, and that about it, about to go get some munchies.
  4. Arizona Green Tea FTW!!1one
  5. listen to some Three 6 Mafia , eat some taco smokemore
    im eatin sausage peporonin and chese FUCKING GOOD ASS SHIT DUCK ASS BITCH
  7. chocolate milk and dead prez
  8. New Glarus Spotted Cow, and a Luna bar.

  9. YOU GUYS ARE ALL FUCKING CRAZY! What you want to listen to is some live shows of STRING CHEESE INCIDENT!
  10. Snickers bar and Star Trek. :)
  11. bone thugs FTW!! lol i love bone thugs, i havent heard one song by them that sucks.
  12. I just took an LT, smoked, and watched narnia. so i just sat here with phish food ben and jerrys while jammin fish. now im on to 311 with easy mac.
  13. Just sitting here listening to Jack Johnson and eating McDonalds.
  14. I dont have any dope till tommorow, or untill somone spots me a gram or 2.

  15. i just chill with my closest homeboi's and chill lisin to music smoke newports freestyle sometimes...then go inside eat and pass out
  16. Sit down chill listen to some music put on a movie (half baked:D) Then if im not too broke order a pizza.
  17. Sitting here looking at the 2 blunts i still have left to smoke of some fine shit that just got me blunted as shit knowing i can sit here for the rest of the day just smoking pop in a movie scavage somthin to eat and drink (water) then just chill out

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