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What are you getting your fam/friends for christmas

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir Stoner, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. WHat are you giving to your loved ones/ friends/ family or whomever for christmas this year
  2. Christmas came early for me, Just got a sick rolex.
  3. 4 handsoaps for 15$
  4. I got my mom a scented a candle:). She knows Im broke, so its ok lol
  5. same here lol. When I break the 7 figures, maybe ill get em a nice car or something
  6. Just some things I think that'll come in handy for them and a couple little extra things. Slippers, pyjamas, travelling mugs, coffee/hot chocolate maker, things like that.
    In other words, I'm broke and couldn't afford expensive gifts for everyone this year :S
  7. i got my gf a 14k necklace, my brother a laker hat and a bullz snuggie lol, my mom and grandma some clothes, my dad some expensive sneakers my cousins money and my girl cousins clothes and toys

    no idea what i got yet but i could care less
  8. Shiit when I break 6 figures ill buy em a nice car
  9. Fuck yeah hahahahahah beat me to it

  10. Home made cards full of my artwork and nice words, per usual... god i need a job haha

  11. No....
  12. Toys, clothes, gift cards and an 1/8th of dank and gram of hash for my brother.

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