what are you done to be fired...or should of been fired?

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  1. Ok, so i work on a large ranch Idaho. I work alone allot so i get away with allot. I will share some of the shit i have done. But here is the first one. I rolled a loader within a month of getting hired. It was a complete accident..when working a job like this shit happens. Here is a pic...

  2. Ahaha thats funny. I bet the farmer was just like jesús christ not again...
  3. A few years ago i used to work at Longo's the grocery store, I worked behind the seafood and meat counter. I stole sooo many of these delicious giant black tiger shrimps, id toss them in the steamer we used to cook lobsters and muck them in the cold storage room. Those shrimp cost like 5 bones each and were oh so good. Also whenever i had to make the lobster wraps and shit they sell, id eat so much of the lobster while i made them. This was all when i was like 15-16.

    I never got caught either which is funny, i ended up quitting cause my boss was a total biatch.
  4. Has happened before. Also had 2 loaders catch on fire
  5. I used to work for this crab shack as a busser (but I essentially did everything on the floor...I was the only not lazy employee with any kind of charisma or intelligence.)

    Anyways, my friend and I decided to bring a handle into work on 4th of July.
    We waited for everyone to be done eating and for my friend (who was a waiter) to get done with his shift.

    We were about to go out and party and go to the parade and fireworks. (July 4th in my town is a SUPER big deal, bigger than Christmas.)

    We poured some alcohol as we did our side work.

    Some little brown-noser cunt employee went and told the managers the next day.

    The place was run by a wife and husband both strictly republican. The husband was an ex-cop, the wife was a chicken shit who let her husband abuse her. The husband and wife are both uneducated, racist, drunks.

    Well, the husband (who didn't even know my name after I worked there for close to 3 years) ended up firing us both.

    Yeah, every time I drive by that place I hope to god that it has been shut down.

    I was like...17-18 at the time.

    They didn't even find out until the next day because on July 4th they were getting drunk at their own bar.

    Shittiest employers ever.
  6. I worked at a tim hortons when I was like 15-16, one day a dude called me a ****** cuz I put sugar in his girls coffe and I threw his change at him.
    We use to hot box this shed we had were we would store extra cups it was feet away from the drive where cops came thru regularly, like hourly.
    We would play fight in the middle of the cash area.
    I use to eat a lot of food and never would pay for it, except the one time my manager was watching me eat and made.me pay for it on the spot.

    I worked at a KFC or a week(weird thing is me and my one buddy got hires there the same day), such a shit hole of a bunyan factory, me and my friend quit on the same day, raided the freezer and stole all 6 of their lava cakes, which were expired and moldy
  7. I am actually a really shitty employee

  8. Would it really make a difference if you rolled the tractor, or a senior did? Shit happens.
  9. When i was 18 n19 i workd at price chopper. In the deli, well the beer isle was right across from the way. I use to bring 40s and 6 packs in the walk in cooler and chug them when i went in there. Eventually got caught up on some other b.s. They never mentioned the beer before i was fired.
  10. No it wouldn't. I have done worse, fell asleep in a big tractor and drove into a creek. My buddy shoot a hole through the floor of my company truck. Ummm, god some other shit. Then just little stuff...left a tractor running all night one day.
  11. O went stoned often for about a year. And operated heavy machinery. Cut back and haven't anymore.
  12. i told the manager of a pier 1 imports to go fuck herself.
  13. Hey hey hey hey, smokin weed erryday. No but seriously, i smoke weed at work on the overnight shifts.
  14. haven't been fired because i like having a job
  15. I'd think you have to try pretty hard to get fired. It's not hard to abide by rules at work.
  16. -cringes at topic sentence-
  17. came to work high and couldnt even work as the door greeter. and then my register came up short.

    but to be fair i cant even work as te greeter wen im sober
  18. At a Starbucks I worked at the manager didn't give a fuck about the rules. We were super slow and only had about 10 employees and we were all friends. Our manager never worked at night so we'd stash bottles of booze in the ice bin and drink during our shifts and then sit outside all night drinking and smoking until right before the openers showed up. We constantly took food out of the pastry case. We would always go behind the bar when we were not on shift and make drinks. Everybody got down in the back room.
  19. I got fired for ttaking some slushy in my cup while on the clock, technically i was on the clock but i was leaving to clock out didnt wanna go back n forth. only reason i got snitched on was cuz the manager from next door saw me. my stores manager was there when i took it he gives no fuck. but fuck that jewish kid from next door snitched to the gm, i was the second person in a month he snitched on to get fired. such is life when working around hating ass jews.
  20. oh sweet baby jesus lets see. when i was a manager at burger king i:

    -got high in the office, break room, and dumpster pad on a daily basis
    -got my entire night crew high more than 50 times
    -had sex with another manager on the roof while the crew was dealing with customers an shit
    -stole probably somewhere around $500-750 over the course of 7 months.
    -cussed out my GM a few times

    good times...

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