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What Are you Doing For 4/20?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flix, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Just a simple question, what are all of you fellow puffers planning on doing on 4-20?
  2. I guess I'll kick it off. I'm planning on taking it easy with some friends, been keeping a stash and collecting a bit of every time I buy some product, just so I get some varied stuff for the day :).
  3. smoking a doobie lol

  4. With anyone else? also, do you know what kinda mary jane?
  5. take some hash pills, fresh clean illadelph bong, ice, a bunch of non-alcoholic drank of choice probably orange mango juice..few motocross magazines and reeses son! probably a good qp of my tahoe og and a few buddies:)
  6. got a few friends coming over with about a zip, gonna smoke a lot of bud and have a nice chill day
  7. Three options for me
    1. Might have work until 8/9 and smoke by myself that night
    2. No work and go to a friends 420 BBQ
    3. Stay home all day and smoke by myself

    Possible option 4
    Go to a friends apartment and blaze

    Whatever happens Ill be blazin

  8. haha atleast you'll end up blazin with either option.
  9. getting 2oz of some funk.. making one into Cannabutter, half into BHO, and a half to smoke.. then cooking various things from the "high times cannabis cookbook" while taking dabs and getting stoned.. then after im nice and high and have the munchies.... im gonna munch out on some medicated food.. so i satisfy the munch craving and dont lose my high but only make it stronger. thus starting an endless loop of eating and being baked.
  10. Kicking it back with some friend's chilling blazing in my room, going to try to get an eighth,one friend is bringing another eighth and another friend might pitch
  11. Blazing all day instead of most of the day.
  12. not smoking, thats for sure

  13. genius....

  14. Why not? Or is that sarcasm, i'm too blazed to catch it if it is..
  15. Some chick I know is baking mad brownies and cookies at her house so me and a bunch of friends are goin over eating and probly gonna do some random dumb shit then go to a party with a couple of left overs hopefully
  16. That sounds awesome!
  17. Due to me having to pass a piss test in a few weeks for a summer factory job, I will not be smoking on Friday. Probably the most dejected feeling of my life not being able to celebrate my favorite holiday this year. :(
  18. Bro... I'm sorry :(. Do you mind if I ask what kind of job?
  19. Just an average factory job. We manufacture drums for oil companies. I have the drug test in 3 weeks and you know I'll be right back at it after the drug test :) gonna buy a oz to celebrate.
  20. My friend is making some juice with thc in it. Im making the brownies and then we'll have a shit load to smoke in bongs/pipes and doobies.

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