what are we suposed to write on bank notes?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dr_krapp, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. title sez it all
  2. village idiot indeed.

  3. shut ya mouf foo!
  4. BOo, did i scare ya?? ya, i agree with zonedude... what kind of note is it!?
  5. if the question was \"am i allowed to write on a bank note\"
    the answer is no.
    you do not own the paper \"bank note\", the federal bureau of economy (or whatever the name) owns it.
    what ou own is what that note represent (5$, 20$ ..)

    but I second ZoneD, what woz da question ?
    (even if it seems like it\'s shouting from the other side of the planet, you\'re the only one that hears the voice)

  6. I say we start writing grasscity.com on our bank notes.


    What was the question again?
  7. the wuestion woz:
    what is the difference between a bird?
  8. ah yes, well in that case the answer is quite clearly FOUR.
  9. its wierd how many people responded to this hehe
    im sorry dr krapp but what the heck are you talking about
  10. l reckon its 42 .:D
  11. at least someone gets my jokes ,lol.l love ya mate.
  12. soz guys, my britishness shining thru, bank notes like money lol :p. i seen it somwhere before about what ppl been putting on money lol.

  13. Lol i like that, wheres my pen.

  14. Shit even better lol.
  15. does anyone have the UK death rate figures?

    i\'d like to include road deaths and prescription drug deaths too.
  16. i usually don\'t write anything on money, theres no need to really....if anything... its how much that of it in front of me is...:D
  17. I thought cigs was 400,000. Some sites say 390,000. 45,000 seems kinda low.

  18. wooohooo i got one of those and kept it too..... i actually posted a pic of it in a similar thread like this......

    \'use the search guys\'....;)

    but thats not the point..... i don\'t know what was.... but it was cool at the time that i got it.....:D

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