What are u studying?

Discussion in 'General' started by BeRzErKaS, May 7, 2003.

  1. In case you haven't noticed, its exam time! Just wanted to know if anyone else is gettin the crap kicked out of them as hard as I am.

    Whats your major? ...or what do u hope to major in? ...and so we don't leave the old folks out ( just kidding :D ) what did you major in?

    "College would be awesome if it weren't for all the classes"
    -a friend of mine
  2. my undergrad was in comp sci / economics ... now i am working on my MSTAT... masters of statistics.... hmmmm

    it's not as fun as i thought it would be... :)

    my semester is over already though... im happy... only a year to go

    edit: and you never mentioned what YOU were studying
  3. right now im studying the psychadelic era, aka the 60's. we just watched the doors, then woodstock, and we are hopefully about to watch the wall.

  4. I'm doing computer science. I took a CS class, an english, physics (only science I have to take, cal 2 (only the beginning of my math and it sucks), and racquetball.

  5. i hear ya, I forgot to mention in my first post that I'm doing engineering. I've reached the point where math hardly involves any numbers at all...just greeks symbols and arrows and shit. It's impossible.

    But stick with it. I just keep reminding myself that it'll all be worth it....someday.
  6. I'm gonna end up minoring in math because it only takes one class over my requireds. I don't know why I need that much math, I can't think of any programming at the moment that's gonna need derivatives and integrals. I liked math in high school. It was easy then. It involved numbers. I like numbers. I don't like weird symbols.
  7. yeah i am at the step above stupid math, math 100. it looks like i am going to pass, i think i did alright on the final, i did ok in bio and eng. but i sold my rec book, didn't listen in class or take notes, i hated that class and teacher. i think i'll pass but not with a great score. other than that i think i have most of finals in the bag. man i can't wait to be done with this for the summer.
  8. I have my physics final and my comp sci final left. physics is gonna be tough but comp sci should be easy.

    I have my keyboard on my lap right now and my leg won't stop bouncing and it's making it really hard to type. Why don't I move the keyboard to the desk? I dunno, but I'm not doing it.
  9. I just completed my BA of Psychology at Univ. California, Santa Cruz in December
  10. Weedology, that's what i'm studying, haha!

    I may go back to school in the future, if it do it'll either be for areospace engineering and astrophysics, or biology, i haven't decided. If i got pick upa bio degree i can try and get a job tracking animals in alaska for scientific studies or something equally cool, but if i do the areospace engineering thing i can build me a spaceship and fly away from the planrt by the time it's too fucked up, maybe i'll move to the moon and mountian bike all day in 1/6 gravity.

    I got no degrees but i've been through school for aviation maintenance tech, professional pilot, and networks and programming. I'm eligible for a bachelors degree in aviation all i really gotta do is take an aviation management class but i don't think i really need a degree, that's just high tech asswipe. I did the network & programming classes just for fun, i didn't need em for a grade i just wanted th hang out with other geeks so i took advanced C programming.

  11. I will be done a Manufacturing Technition diploma in 3 weeks, i cant wait untill im finished.
  12. Im a 16 year old junkie lol.I want to major in something with computer though or be a pro skater lol.wut ever happens first peace
  13. majoring in both cellular/developmential bio and genetics

    currently taking... nothing, finals are pretty much over!
    I only have Chem (tomorrow) and computers (also tomorrow) and then Bio on saturday, thank god im done with calc
  14. i gave up on conformist education a long time ago. but when i was, i studied Art & Design... and Digital Media.

    self education is what i do now.

    much like what toosicks said, it could be said i study "weedology" or as i prefer to put it, Canna-Politics, Canna-Science, Canna-History, Canna-Industry, etc etc... all things cannabis. Its our best weapon against the prohibitionists, superior knowledge and the truth.
  15. i got 2 degrees during my long stint in school. i spent 6 yrs in school - 3 to fool around with different classes, 1 for my english degree, 2 for education degree.

    i've been out 3yrs and i'm bored and want to go back. but it's hubby's turn to go so i'll have to wait.
  16. Yeah Digit' self taught all the way, i taught myself programming, electronics, all kinds of shit that i "study" without going to a school or gettin some glorified asswipe of a degree, but i know what's up by the time i'm done.

    If ya wanna put it another way, I study life.

    i don'r intend to diss on your degrees n shizz cause they're hella good to have if ya wanna have a career n stuff but i never needed a degree and i've worked in all kinds of technical and specailized fields and had a lot of damn fun doing it, and i still am today.

  17. Doin the second year of a 'Diploma in Electronic Multimedia'

  18. I'm pretty sure The Wall (the movie version) was made in 1980

    and i can't exactly afford the time or money necesarry for college right now (there are other reasons as well) so I just try to learn what I can independantly, because of this I'm able to focus on the things that interest me in a highly refined manner, at the moment I'm really into evolution and physics

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