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What are things I can do to prepare for a drug test the day of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jchudy3, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. I'm going to be taking a cvs drug test on the 11th, in a week, what are some things I can do to better my chances for passing my drug test? I'm not talking about fake urine, someone else's urine, certo etc but just some tips and pointers that could change my test result. Right now I'm drinking a lot of water and exercising about 30 minutes every day, and detox tea every other day, not sure if this will help I just had some in the cupboards.
  2. If there are other things I can do in this next week, that would also be appreciated but I am looking for some basic tips because my test is about 50/50.
  3. Don't exercise the day of your test. If you have THC stored in fat cells and you burn fat exercising the metabolites will be in your urine. Buy a test kit or two and test yourself a day or so before and the test day so you'll be prepared. If the day before you are positive can you feign illness or something and get the test postponed? For your test be hydrated, but not overly so your urine is not too dilute. Don't give an early morning sample. Best of luck!
  4. Thank you, I also wanted to know if you or anyone else knew about eating sweets before the test and if that would affect me?
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  5. You're welcome, wish I had some really good advice. I know nothing about sweets before the test, but can't see why sweets would impact the results. If you test yourself the morning of and you're positive try to postpone if you're not going to sub.
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  6. Get someone's clean urine. I know you said you don't want to but it's the easiest thing in the world. Unless they watch you, and CVS shouldn't.
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  7. I'm not taking a drug test at cvs, I'm getting drug tested by a kit from cvs, I might be able to get someone's piss but I don't want to rely it just in case they can't pull through.
  8. What would be the best way of using someone else's urine if I did get it?
  9. Put it in a small container and stash it right up against your nuts. Put on a couple pairs of tight fitting undies to hold it against you. It'll stay 93-94F (it must be between 90 and 100F) if it's against you and padding is under it. When it's time to give them the specimen pull it out and pour it into their cup. Easy peasy. Practice walking and sitting and walking again with your specimen in place, you don't want it to slide down your pants leg as you're walking back to be tested. It's a little scary the first time and your hands may shake a little but really it's the best way to take a test. As you walk out after the test you'll think it was too easy and you know you're going to pass. Don't toss your empty container in their trash, especially if the trash can is empty. I had a tester check the trash once but fortunately that day I didn't use their trash but I had previously.

    If you don't sub and your own urine is questionable you'll regret not subbing as you walk out after seeing how simple it is.
  10. I would be getting my friends urine next Wednesday, the day before the test, what should I do to keep the urine warm that day, and the next day I have class and right after class I am going to get tested. I have heard of getting a tea thing that keeps the water hot and keeping the container in there and pulling it out when I need to use it also what do you mean padding, do you just mean my boxers?
  11. I use a little 3oz. Hand sanitizer bottle. You can keep it in the fridge over night, beyond that I don't know cuz I haven't done it. I let it warm to room temp then put it in place for a while. I go under the armpit with mine, it's more comfortable to me. Plus I wear boxers, haha. Do what's good for you.
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  12. As Captain Bud says, put it in the fridge. If your boxers can hold the specimen container up against you then that's all that really matters. You need skin contact to keep the temperature of your specimen warm enough. I've never tried putting it in my armpit but it sounds like that would work. You do need to practice and find what works for you. I don't know how long your class is but as long as your specimen has time to warm up it'll be fine. I'd keep it in the fridge from the time you get it to when you go to class. Forget the tea warmer thing, if you have one then fine but I wouldn't go buy one.
  13. What do you mean by warm up, like in a microwave?
  14. By warm up I mean it makes a bigger number on a thermometer.
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