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  1. I can't get a grip on this sexing thing, therefore i have no idea what my 3 plants are. Being a extra newbie on growing, can u help me please? Also, do you think they are healthy plants? They are inside, natural light only
    thanks guys

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  2. i dont wanna get your hopes up but they might be females but the bottom pic looks like a male almost but not sure put them in 12 light and 12 dark and u should know within a few days ok
  3. 'Sup dude! i see calyxes and pistils in pic 1. 2 and 3 are sketcchy. definately 12/12 time . gratz on your female man!!!
  4. yea man i cant tell on the last one but for your info a male flower should look like this

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  5. OI!!! i am definetly NOT a man, but i won't post my picture to prove it:p:p! ;)

    Thanks for your answers :)

    They are already on 12/12, as they are growing "au naturelle" no artificial lights. Any other thing i can do?
    I tried to take more pics, but they are all blurry :(
    this is the 3rd plant in the previous post

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  6. And a Female's Pistils Should look like this

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  7. 1st pic is a girl, 2nd pic cant tell, 3rd pic is male
  8. I reckon we'll just have to take your word for it then...

    Your plants look remarkably well for being grown indoors with only natural light. The only thing I would do is add some high intensity light for flowering...but then again, I'd never have thought you could grow something that pretty on your windowsill.

  9. the room is very light, there are two big windows, one facing east and the other south, so they get plenty of light, not much less than in a conservatory.
    Anyhow...posting another two pics of plant 2 and 3. Hopefully they will be better than the previous ones.
    I know tha jcj said the 2nd one is male, but a girl can always hope ;) BTW, i still cant understand how you can recognize them...they seem the same to me!

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  10. well the first one is DEFINATELY a female But i cant tell with the second one the pic is a little-bit 2 fuzzy....
  11. picture 1 and 2 look female... 3 is blurry look male though keep an eye on it and cut it if it does turn for sure male...
  12. I don't know if this will help, but this is a picture of a plant I found growing at the edge of my patio. I dug it up and put it in a bucket of dirt and let it grow...until it showed its gender.

    Male flowers:
  13. Killed #3 :( but did cuttings with 1 and 2 ;)
    Thank you guys :)
  14. it's a sad day to have to kill one, but two out of three is awesome! wish i was so lucky. my first grow i was one female out of five

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