What are these tiny bugs?

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  1. Does know what these bugs are? I just went to collect some runoff water and it was full of them. I never seen these before in my run off water so im not sure if i should happy about them. Theres loads of them in the water, just jumping and moving around. If these are no good for my plant what is the solution? Could they be fungus gnats larvae since i had issues with them a while back but got read of them? 20180913_152519.jpg

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  2. Yep they're fungus gnats larvae... just came back just to find a few fungus gnats flying around and the larvae in the water reduced by heaps

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  3. I’ve having the same issue besides having adults flying around. My run off was full of them. I’ve been spraying the top soil with neem oil and water mixture but doesn’t seem to have much effect.

    They usually come from overwatering so if recommend not watering for a few days and allowing the top soil to completely dry out to slow their growth.
  4. What i done, was to flush 2 liters 3% peroxide mix and sprayed everything with neem oil mix as well. Since yesterday i only seen 1 flying around and no larvae in my runoff either. Hopefully it stays that way. I tried to flush as much water as i could cause the larvae really just fall off through the holes if theres heaps of water waiting to run through so i guess that means clean but its a plus if theres peroxide in it so it can kill the rest of them. I done all this out doors so nothing falls back in my grow space and generally much easier when theres heaps of runoff. Also sprayed the room where i got my tent with bug spray while it was empty and made sure no smell was left when everything was back in. Spray neem oil on leafs, soil and the tent itself since you never really know where they hide and use sticky traps. Peroxide works great for larvae.

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  5. I think i will be flushing with peroxide again a day before I feed them next time just to make sure everything is going well. I didnt manage ph or anything during this process so my runoff ph has been pretty high. I just go a number lower when i feed to help get down again

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  6. I’m going to try the peroxide mix and see if that helps. I also did the run off thing and got a lot of mine out at the beginning. It’s been a while since I’ve done and good flush so I figure soon is a good time.

    I’m allowing my soil to dry completely before I do anything else though because it seems like one of the most logical answers since they love water.
  7. I always flush after every 2 feedings so theres nothing building up in my coco. Yeah fungus gnats seem to multiply heaps when the soil or coco is wet, but soil has an increased by A LOT chance of being infected with some type of bug before you even by it & thats how i got infected too.. when i sinply decided to sprout a seedling in soil in the same tent, 2 weeks later i was full of fungus gnats inside the tent and just got rid of the whole pot. Ever since i mostly feed through the leafs and try to avoid wetting my coco but lately my runoff has been rising to god so i cant help it but try to water with a low ph solution. Im pretty sure its the neem oil mix and peroxide that done this as i didnt the adjust ph before feeding it to my plant and i had some negative effects at the start buts its all gone back to normal as soon i dropped the ph

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  8. Great to hear things have leveled out for you. Keep a close eye for anything else!!

    I think I was able to get rid of my gnats by not watering for multiple days until the soil is completely dry in the first 2 inches of the top soil.

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