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  1. Can anyone help and tell me what the patches are on the plants? They look healthy but just curious on them and want to make sure it's no nutrient defect or heat stress. I'm only using cfl to veg with

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  2. What soil did you start in? Looks like there's 0 perlite in there. Is it slow release organic? Have you been using ph' d water ?

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  3. Any nutrients? More info will help find the problem

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  4. no nutrients as of yet as there only a week and half old. There 8 ball kush growing in jacks magic. I shall be adding perlite when I transplant them at the weekend and my ph is sitting around at 7. Only veging under 250cfl grow bulb. Thanks for the replies
  5. First check your soil make sure there isn't any slow release chemicals. Than i would drop your water to about 6.7 if you can . It could be a few things. If neither of those are the problem, it's to much water. No perlite is had. They sit in muddy soil, and usually if it's organic there's some sort of slow release nutrient

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  6. Ok thanks man I shall get on that and Check it out. I have some ph down at hand and I shall get ready to repot earlier so I can add the perlite

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