what are these little green thingies above my name?

Discussion in 'General' started by froggy, May 27, 2006.

  1. well, what are they?
  2. If you scroll over them they describe what they are. I think they have something to do with +rep. That or post count

    EDIT: 420th post w00t!
  3. it says that im a glorious beacon of light...

    how did i get them? post count?
  4. They're reputation bars. Sometimes people will give you positive (green) or negative (red) reputation. The way you give rep is by clicking the [​IMG] button at the top right corner of a post, select if you want to add positive or negative, and a description why (its good to leave your name here too as its annoying to receive an anonymous rep).
    You can see all the rep points you've received and their threads by clicking "USER CP" at the top of the page.
  5. lebo is correct
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself.:wave:
  7. cool
    it says i have 505 rep points. what does that mean?

    and how do i see the ppl that gave me the greendots? or even can i?
  8. Most people will sign their reputations. Cowards don't.
  9. dude youve been here since 2002.

    are you fucking with us.

  10. You wont know unless they leave their name in the description, so that people can choose to remain anonymous, but its common courtesy to leave your name.

    Also, 505 rep points doesnt mean you got 505 different reps, when different people give you rep, they give you a certain amount of points based on how much rep they have, so a newbie with 10 rep points will probably only be able to give you 1 rep point, but someone like Rasta man with prolly 1400 rep points, will give you 80 in one rep.

    Also, lol, you get a dark green bar for every 100 points you get, then after 500 (or 5 dark green bars) you get light green ones but it then takes 200 points to get it.
  11. i get it.

    "dude youve been here since 2002." <--------- what u want from me. im apart of an older generation and im not as 'up' on things as maybe i should be...
  12. oh my fault man, i wasnt trying to offend. hence the question.

    maybe rep system is a recent thing, that didnt occur to me.
  13. Froggy your not alone, I am just figuring this rep thing out.:)
  14. I hope it worked, I gave it a try! Your input was quite useful, big ty.

  15. Thank you too! Oh and btw, usually when you give someone rep write "+rep!!"
  16. Im posting just to see what my rep says about me ;)

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