What are the thick papers that come in a RAW rolliing papers pack for?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Zippo Gringolioni, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Never use rolling papers but got a pack as an order gift, and also a pack of JaJa world rasta-colored papers that seem the same. Are they for small joints? They seem too thick and tough to be rolling papers.
  2. They're roaches.
    You tear off a thin strip and put it in the end of your joint.

    Mostly a European thing.
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  3. We call em filters.

    You make a little rolled up piece to keep your joint open when it starts shitting up and clogging with resin. Also prevents little bits of weed from being sucked into your mouth.

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  4. roll them tight and when you put them in the ass end of the joint they will expand for air flow and have a tight fit
  5. Tips. I never use them. But if your smoking with other people I'll use them. It's more of a personal preference

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  6. They are filters/tips. If you dont know how to roll good or would like to make cones, they will help big time when making your joint.
  7. Just make sure to lite the right end.....
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  8. crutches
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  9. Wow wait what!? Only Europeans do this? I thought that’s how people all over the world had joints lol.

    What do you guys use?

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  10. I always use a filter/roach in joints/blunts
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  11. like everyone said it's a filter rip a bit off roll it up and put it in the end of your joint before rolling. its with air flow, and if some one has wet lips it helps the joint stay together. tho that person still deserves a smack on the back of the head. it's pretty common throughout the world.
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  12. Fuck people that dribble on the roach dude, here in the UK we call that bum sucking the joint :roflmao:
  13. Wait how do you roll without roaches
  14. is it really mostly european thing? it's how i learned here in the states
  15. No, that's how we roll in Canada too.

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