What Are The Signs That A Female Plant Has Begun Flowering?

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  1. Title says it all. I know its when they get a 12/12 light cycle, but what are the actual physical signs that I can see and know it has begun flowering. 
    The reason is because I am about to come up on a plant (my buddy's giving it away), and I've seen it. Its a bit small, and frail. Still healthy lookin' though. I want to veg. it a bit more until it's more sturdy and just bigger, but i dont know if it's flowering yet, he said its about to. I can see the nodes...
    Also can I re-veg. the plant if its just starting to flower? Or would that be bad for it somehow?
    Thanks in advance. 

  2. just look at the plant. preflowers look like small buds starting to form,little hair formations where buds will develop. the plant can reveg after it starts preflowering. just put it under 24 hour lite . or at least 16/8. it might take a week or 2 to reveg. it will stunt the growth for a while,but the plant should snap back. 
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    Awesome, thanks for the help brotha!
    Another quiestion actually: Would it be bad if I started low stress training and all that? Should I just let this plant do its thing or is it safe for me to still be manipulating it after re-vegging it?
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    theres like 50 million clones floating around california why get something small and frail in preflower like you are describing? sounds like a no brainer to me..
  5. Dude trust me hah i know. Its a matter of transportation mostly since the only clone seller I know is a good 20-30 minute car ride away. Im just starting out with a lil Og bubba kush clone. I mean I
    got it for free so why not? 
    Also I dont think there are pre-flowers, thats just what the homie described it as but i believe it is still in vegging. 

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