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What are the rules in washington now to obtain legal marijuana?

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Recovery1CDR, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Ok, so now that Colorado and Washington have legalized then it is a great day! However i know that Colorado is regulating it via 21 years and older and you can have up to an ounce on your possession.

    However, what is Washington going to do?
  2. You are partially wrong. although semantically you are right.

    The governor has 30 days to ratify the ballot votes. So that is Dec. 6th 2012. But WA state has UNTIL Dec 1st 2013 (notice 2013) to have the rest of the bill up and running. So that means that sometime between now and then there will be licensed growers, licensed processors, and licensed retailers in the state as well as the DUID training for state patrol and other law enforcement officers. etc.

    (SOURCES: I've read the entire text of I-502 front to back multiple times and debated with my law and poli-sci friends at school who have done the same. I'm unfortunately only a Physics/Mech Eng. major... they look down on me..)

    This is the correct link to the complete text from the secretary of state aswell, just incase anyone wanted to make sure it was the true complete text.

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