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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. Your welcome, i guess i didn't see what you meant exactly, i was assuming you meant every time you smoke your killing brain cells.
  2. Or eat...

    Or vape...

    or pop a pill...

    You know they have THC infused chap stick?

    Hell there's probably a way to inject interveniously if you wanted to take the fuckin time to do it

    hows that for ignorant? yer in seasoned tokers?
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    Ok this is my last comment cause i feel bad for Darth Bizzle... Like he has said on more then one occasion.. its not the Mary jane that kills the brain cells... its the smoke... because it releases carbon monoxide (CO) which interrupts the oxygen that goes to the brain... But the amount of brain cells that are killed is so minimal that it cant be compared with drinking for exemple...
  4. i'm glad someone understands me :smoke:
  5. yes because everyone has those choices right?

    the majority of cannabis users smoke it and i was talking like you knew common sense, i wont assume that anymore though.

    anyway, even like you said just the smoke, do you inhale 100% smoke? no you dont. even if you filled a bong until there was no oxygen left in there, you would still be taking breaths in between pulls wouldnt you? after the hit, you breath, before a huge hit you take a deep breath and let it all out dont you?

    think logically man, im not even using scientific facts. just common sense.

    do tobacco users lose brain cells too? some smokers literally chain smoke packs all day, are they all mentally retarded?
  6. Yes, they do... you have billions of brain cells so you can afford to lose some without "going retarted" sorry bro... its time to stop saying that a lack of oxygen for a few seconds makes you lose brain cells cause its not true... its the CO thats released when the plant matter is burned that kills brain cells...
  7. smoking marijuana is definitely my most expensive habit, but I never just cough up money for weed without thinking it through (when payday is, when my next pickup will be, how much money I've spent on other stuff).
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    Yes actually tobacco does kill brain cells. BBC News | HEALTH | Smoking 'kills brain cells' Also DarthBizzle is talking about being exposed to low oxygen levels (by smoking a lot) which can kill brain cells.

    No, it takes 4 minutes with a lack of oxygen before brain cells die, CO is carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the stuff released when you burn plant matter and does not kill brain cells at the levels you breath from the smoke.
  9. so im wrong, tobacco does kill brain cells.

    show me a link that says the same for marijuana.
  10. There isn't a reliable source out there that will tell you marijuana kills brain cells but "DarthBizzle is talking about being exposed to low oxygen levels (by smoking a lot) which can kill brain cells", the damage would probably be comparable to a good whack on the head if you noticed the symptoms and got some fresh air.
  11. but that scenario will most likely never play out. so why even bother putting it like that?
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    you don't hang out with the cats I hang out with :smoking:

    not that i advocate it, but some smokers develop a massive hit / speed smoke habit. I did for a loooong time... I probably killed a good number of cells, thinking the longer the hold the better, getting light headed, massive hits... I think things like that most definatley kill some cells.

    i still think inhaling smoke period probably kills a couple brain cells, but theres no reliable proof either way. EDIT: WOAH I'm high, not what I mean't, prolonged smoke inhalation over short periods of time is what I think kills brain cells.

    As far as most people not having access to edibles, lol, anyone can make a damn brownie. And the fact that most people choose to smoke jane is irrelevant. Totally doesn't matter, because I'm still talking about inhaling smoke.
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    its like talking to a brick wall.

    your friends would have to have a gas mask attached with pure smoke, for 3 minutes straight, i wont even say 4. to do any real damage.

    the cats you hang with use gas masks every session?

    do they hotbox little concealed spaces every time they smoke and then chill in there?

  14. If this is true, then smoking it could cause cell loss (If I'm not mistaken, we are inhaling CO when we burn, right?)

    So to settle the "Darthbizzle vs. Unwise" argument:
    Why can't we all just agree to just enjoy the herb either way???
    Edibles & tea ftw! We all win! :hello:
  15. You have not been paying attention to a damn word I've said.

    But I'll explain it again, directly to you, so you may.

    When you smoke, you are no longer breathing normally. There is not a constant flow of oxygen. There is a period of about 15-20 or more seconds (depends on smoker) or so when you aren't getting oxygen, at least pure oxygen, or fresh air, or whatever the hell you wanna call it. Sometimes you can get a headrush from it, and that's not a good thing, although it fells pretty damn cool.

    Anyway, your brain is not like your lungs. When your brain doesn't get air, you gotta give it a sec to chill, or else you're depriving your brain of oxygen.

    So you take your first hit... Hit two... Hit three... Hit for... Hit five... If you're smoking fast enough and heavy tokes, it is my belief (and you won't find a goddamn study to prove it either way at the current point in time) that you are KiLlInG BrAiNcElLs!!!11!!!11! It's easy to "overtoke" like this if you're smoking alone, in my humble opinion.

    Killing braincells... Scary term, isn't it? Means you're getting stupider right?

    Well, considering headbangers put themselves at risk for killing a fuckton more braincells than pot would probably would, means IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.

    So get back to calling me ignorant. Please. Because I'm trying to combat the ignorant bliss that weed is 100% totally not harmless, because the only way we stoners as a people can get something done about this goddamn prohibition is if we stop approaching it as a wonder weed, and start treating it as what it is: Marijuana, to be enjoyed responsibly.

    Just like a Jack & Coke, but less harmful :smoking:
  16. hellz yea what i've been sayin all along lol smoking the reefer, not the reefer, not even eneough brain cells to worry about, just don't say "no it doesn't" because apparently theres inconclusive evidence about the smoke inhalation.

    and I'm :bongin: so you guys should too, I agree, chill, toke up dudes, sorry if I poked around in a fire :smoke:
  17. Anyone on here is not going to be like Ronald Regan and tell you alll these lies and propoganda, but I can try to look on the other side of the fench

    It does take away from your short term memory, but most people will remember things perfectly after the buzz wears off, right before your high ends,

    It kills brain cells, but so does holding your breath too long, swimmers probably abuse there brains more because they stay under water for as long as possible, for longer periods than a weed smoker

    the Biggest problem is legality, in my state if your caught with any pot or pipe, you get your license suspended or put on hold, even if your not driving! They can also take your kids.Is it right, fuck no. My friends here in Utah are the most down freedom fighters you will ever meet, but the police think were a gang because most of us listen to kottonmouth kings lol. but whatever thats another subject

    There really isnt anything really wrong with smoking pot, its a drug of coarse but it wont kill you, you can pop some bills get drunk as fuck and party as hard as you can and your not going to be better of by far, as far as health goes. You might get screwed by the law, thats the biggest downfall of the plant, The police
  18. In all honesty though whoever does not seem to see how smoking weed is a waste of time is just completely in denial. You call me ignorant or whatever, but the reality is it just doesn't do much. I mean shit I'll blaze when I have the oppurtunity to, but I'm not really doing shit with my life. It's a right of passage for sure. You better be blazing in high school, its part of the whole experience. But you are just a lame ass ni gga if you are still blazing well into law school. Its expensive and just unessecary to daily living. Like im still in that phase where i have not matured enough yet but all my boys who have been to treatment and back college and back slanged and back, not just little kids shit, fuckign weight, i even went to treatment, utah motha fucka, realize how its just tottally not pertant to successful living. it plays role no in sucess. and obviosuly on a forum like grass city many will disagree, but that is how i perseve it. and ma mans keep smoking. keep spending your money well into your thirties or whatever it may be. have that be your fication regardless of if you can admit or not. i mean maybe you can balance and it truly does increase your happiness. but from what ive persoanlly experienced and witness i attest other wise.
  19. and when i mean weed i mean all forms of inahlation in the body you cowardice fucks. ill tell you exactly how it does make me feel, probably blazed more then you and slanged more than you. it's really a shame you have to defend to the utter core your denial. and this doesnt apply to all, but i mean comn. and it aint like crack. i have no clue what crack is like. but weed can be a disconnecter, espicially depending on your biological make up. it really does effect everyone diferently. but i mean once i get my shit together and spark up with no guilt of school or whatever else im sure my view might change. but this is coming from *****s who have really seen alot. and i mean i have seen a decent amount in my tenure of usage. your defenses have been resonable but i really dont give a shit and dont even know why im typing on this bullshit. some day you will realize and think back to all the money youve thrown on that shit and whatevr else goes into it. i mean this is coming from someone who is blazing on the regular, slanging until just recently. im in it. everyone i know practically is in it. but it can be a really unproductive place man. the whole environement. thats just my perception

  20. I've been down that road bro, but don't blame the weed. Tame the beast.

    Weed is a wonderful life enhancement but only responsibly. Step over the line and you're going down a spiral to nowhere.

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