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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. So I've been trying to search the web for negative side effects and all I find is government propaganda about lung cancer, brain damage etc (I know this is all untrue) or I find pot head propaganda stating that there are ablsolutly no negative side effects. The only thing I have found that is true is that it can paralyze the cilia and may cause schizophrinia in people who are higly predispositioned to it (I found this in the union). All I'm asking is if these really are the only negative side effects or if there is any others. If there are it's not gong to make me stop smoking I'm just curious. And don't say paranoia because I believe that's due to the fact that it's illegal and weed makes you think.
  2. Well I can tell you personally side effects to do exists. I'm sure it effects your lungs, kills brain cells, and is unhealthy to your body in many other ways. If you smoke spliffs consistently you are inhaling unfiltered tobacco, which is terrible for you. Ganj is not truly dangerous in a physical essence, but I have seen what it can do. I went from happy to majorly depressed in a matter of months. I became blurred. Blazing leads to every day use in many cases. Thats alota money I was dropping and continue to drop. It becomes an addicton mentally. It becomes the central piece, the goal, the mission. It consumes. It can lead to slanging, to support habit. It can lead to cigs, because hey man you're smoking spliffs. It can lead to this very dirty ugly life style. And sure it is pretty gateway. So yes, it has negative side efffects. it also is a depresent so can enhance depression in individuals. It drained me. At the same time people can handle it. If you can balance your shit, afford it, and not let it be your everything then I don't really see a problem. Make sure you exercise and go about the healthiest way possible. Smoking ain't that great on yo lungs and is a pretty unecessary inconvience on your body. But yeah
  3. what you just described sounds more than weed related.
  4. Smoke in your lungs isn't good for you, but MJ smoke isnt really that bad either. I mean your not going to get cancer, depending on how much you smoke you probably won't even notice a difference.

  5. no, it does not kill brain cells...
  6. Most of the side effects I see come from the actual act of smoking it. Vaporizing it seems to have little negative effect. Doctors even tell MMJ patients to vaporize it.

    Just be an adult and don't get overboard with it and MJ is okay.
    they have by far the most comprehensive research and statistic based data on all drugs i have ever seen. definitely take a look

  8. Yeah, but nuc have you ever blazed all day erday for several months? It will drain you. It blurrs you. That THC effects your body and mind for a minute after using it. And I mean maybe weed didn't like primarly cause that depression, but my general situation did. And I can guarantee you my urge to keep smoking took away from time spent being happy, being positive, working out. So yeah. And I mean talk to alota people who have blazed for a long minute and they will agree with me. I'm not gonna be that guy that says not to blaze when you're older, but it kinda is some childish shit. Weed looses it's greatness. You are either to personally unexperienced or in denial of it's reality. I lived that shit nucc.
  9. I have been smoking almost daily (at least once a day 5-7 days a week) for 3 months now. I'm going on day 3 of a T-Break and have not experienced depression or anything of the sort. I live a normal lifestyle and maintain good health. Weed is only addicting if you lack willpower. I don't see any depression setting in anytime soon during my t-break. I keep myself busy with non-weed related activities. I had a life before using cannabis, I had a life while using cannabis, and have a life after using cannabis.

    After doing research, I honestly think the negative effects of it are a result of the byproducts of the combustion of the plant itself. Moreover, the negative effects may also lead to all the above symptoms you mentioned as a result of abusing the substance before the brain is fully developed. That's why I think it's ridiculous to use marijuana before college (or age 18, depending on goals and path of life). I won't be a hypocrite; I did indeed use marijuana in high school. But I stopped for a year and a half in my senior year and didn't light up again until half way though my second semester of college. My grades were decent (spare my chemistry grade, that class was hell), I have a job and do well at it, and maintain healthy relationships with my peers and family.

    When it all comes down to it, willpower is what determines the path of a pothead. I happen to have a good amount of willpower, and a guilty conscience. Guess my parents raised me well enough to know right from wrong, which has lead me to make educated, adult decisions when it comes to marijuana as well as alcohol.

    I may only have 3 months of recent constant MJ use under my belt, but look at me, being responsible and taking a break so I don't let it get out of control. It's possible if you put your mind to it to be what I call a "functional pothead". I still balance my daily responsibilities while throwing in some recreational cannabis use, and can be a completely functional member of society.
  10. Untrue, anything that deprives the brain of oxygen kill brain cells.

    Negative effect, you CAN get sucked in, become addicted, spend a lot of cash on it, spend a ton of energy, time, and thought power on the herb...

    But overall, the key my friend, is using responsibly.

    So toke up good friend, a lot less harmful physically than tobacco, and a wonderful enhancment to anyone's life :smoke:
  11. smoking weed doesnt kill brain cells.
  12. The fear and loathing thats hits you when your down to your last nug, and you have no job and no money left, when weeds the only thing keeping ya goin in life thats probably the only negative side effect.
  13. Been smoking nearly every day for more than a year now. Haven't noticed any physical down sides other than that I weigh about 5 pounds heavier from the munchies.

    Look, its about your responsibility with it. If you let it consume you it will and this can be applied to almost any other habit or substance. You can abuse herb, video games, fast food, even work. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

    Example, guy I used to toke with, 23 lives at home working a dead end minimum wage job, mooching off his parents.

    I'm 21, a junior in college making A's and B's getting ready for grad school, managing a retail store and getting ready to move out on my own.

    The difference is I know when to put the joint down.
  14. Well in terms of long term effects, I think you guys have a good discussion going.
    But in terms of short term effects, i.e. when you are high, there are a couple of things.
    1.) One's heart rate can go up.
    2.) One's blood sugar can go down

    I don't think either of these things happens to a dangerous degree normally, but if you have any underlying conditions or are taking some medications it can be dangerous.

    Also my psych says smoking weed can lower testosterone (I'm male). I trust him, but I have not felt any negative effects due to lack of testosterone...
  15. I think weed certainly has the potential for negative side effects. It can make you feel hazy all the time, drain your wallet, distract you from more important things, and make sober life seem boring. It can also make you paranoid, and I think that is actually an effect of the weed and not just because it's illegal, because I get paranoid about things other than getting caught. Some people can smoke and function just fine and maybe better, but you can't deny the negative effects it has on others. It just depends on how it reacts with each person.
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    I've been an on and off smoker for about six years, and have never thought of life any other way. And to this day I love it, it's wonderfullness never wears off for me. And my brother has been smoking for 19+ years daily, and is still a connoisseur.

    And for negative effects. No, unless you're someone who feels off by doing it, when I'm sober I'm a real nice person, it's great. And it's really not addiction, it just becomes habit forming.
  17. All the negative effects I know of have more to do with how it's consumed rather than the MJ itself. If you only have edibles, tinctures, etc. the only side effect is the impairment that comes with being high.
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    If you are consistently high for long periods of time, days, months, years? of always being high and never coming down there is definitely physical withdrawls. Your body has to balance itself chemically after always trying to release so much dopamine.
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    Wow, never thought that GC would contain such utter ignorance.
    Where do I start the debunking at?!?!?

    First off, I'll address the lungs & brain cells issue. When you say it harms the lungs (which yes, any foreign substance can cause health effects), remember you are speaking of the METHOD OF INGESTION! Not the substance itself!!! Today there are so many COUNTLESS forms to administer cannabis, that it almost gives me a headache just thinking of all the possibilities lol! So point blank: The smoke does the damage - NOT THE HERB ITSELF.
    As for brain cells - some studies actually suggest that they might actually PROMOTE NEW BRAIN CELL GROWTH! So not only does it NOT destroy them - but it does the opposite lol.

    Secondly, you mention you went from happy to depressed. Did you consider that there just might be multiple factors in this transformation? Perhaps cannabis just truly reveals you to yourself, & to the world around you, and we realize how wrong we're living? Therefore, indirectly causing depressing feelings. Idk, this is just a thought. Or what if it's the government's agenda that it culturally ingrained into our subconscious trying to fight it? :rolleyes::eek:

    Second off, do you know what a "spliff" is? Last time I checked, you have the definitions for "blunt" & "spliff" highly confused my friend. Spliffs do NOT contain any tobacco what so ever.

    As for calling it a gateway - Shit everything is a gateway today. Just look what cheeseburgers can lead to... :p

    One Love brother - & might your position be reconsidered after having an uplifting sativa & dancing like a fucking psycho as if no one was looking & it was the last day on Earth!!! :hello:
    (For example, skip to around 2:00 minute mark lmao: )
    [ame=""]YouTube- Bob Marley Jammin - One Love Peace Concert[/ame]

    Sounds possible as MJ is a female plant lol...

  20. You're an idiot. I've been a daily heavy smoker for 3 years and haven't had any problems. Going to law school now, and have had 0 of what you describe.

    The truth is, it's psychologically addictive (if you get addicted to video games, gambling, etc, you may have an addictive personality) and can cause problems if you don't have self-control. It can cause emphysema due to the smoking, however vaporization changes this.

    If you have a predisposition to paranoia, schizophrenia, or another mental problem marijuana may aggravate it. However, it does not *cause* these things.

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