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What are the real negative side effects

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Dankness420, May 24, 2010.

  1. if i came off as a dick in my response to you Rastafari, my apologies, I didn't mean to. And thanks for the spliff info, i didn't know that tobacco in joints was a Europe thing, I'd just always heard the word spliff used for weed/tobacco J's that i'm not a big fan of ;p

  2. If your trying not to instigate anything, then you would be best off, in my opinion, not implying that someone else is a bag of douche.
  3. reaction to the foolish / ignorant thing that was thrown my way. probably not the wisest choice of words, but pretty strong reaction because GEEZ that pisses me off

  4. Ignorance isn't an insult. :rolleyes:

    Your constant personal attacks for no reason, are.

    Hope you don't get banned. :wave:
  5. Although it'd suck, as I love coming here... I'd probably be better off.

    i've always had problems with internet superiority-complexers and sadly, GC has them in abundance just as much as anywhere else on the web :/

  6. Really it's obvious that you have ill intentions towards each other, and for illegitimate reasons in my opinion, regardless of how passively your intentions manifest they're still negative. I think you guys should get a long like Seasoned Tokers should.
  7. so what is the deal with the brain cells? MJ smoke doesnt kill em. but i dont smoke from a vapourizer, i smoke with papers, bongs, blunts, etc...

  8. If by "superiority-complexers", you mean people who are absolutely tired of people arguing against known facts day after day, week after week. Then yes, my complex is quite superior.

    If you're trying to imply that people who correct you on your lack of education on a subject are somehow arrogant and think they're better than you - then no. That's just a position people take when they get proven wrong and want to sulk about it.

    If you had presented some facts supporting your idea that smoking marijuana kills brain cells instead of just saying, "yes it does" over and over, this conversation would've gone much differently.

    But you didn't.
  9. Shiii, I don't have any ill intentions, I don't think I've ever seen the guy in GC till just now, when somebody comes out of the blue and tells me to get off the failboat and implies that i'm ignorant and foolish (both personal attacks, regardless of what he may say) and this guy doesn't know me) i get rubbed the wrong way...

    If I have negative mannerisms in my speech, I apologize and I'll try to do better... But I'll admit I just flat out got offensive after i read those statements. Uncalled for.
  10. 'scuse me, didn't think I needed documentation showing oxygen deprivation kills brain cells.

    the rest of the logic was put together mostly on my own. not from anti-cannabis commercials or whatever. i don't fully trust pro-cannabis literature either, because it's intended to make herb sound 100% magically awesome with no downside at all.

    i use the logic of me. sorry, i have no documentation on that. and if you think that it's an ignorant thing to do, good for you, your entitled to your opinion, but I've gotten by with my way of thinking and doing things for quite some time now, and I tend to like the results.

    btw, i'm far from ignorant. i don't need to verify that.

  11. It's not really safe to say you're far from ignorant when you say that a few seconds of holding your breath will kill brain cells. People hold their breath on a daily basis. Synchronized swimmers do it for sometimes a minute at a time.

    Clearly stated, your logic FAILS.
  12. Wooooooow, who's being mr. attacking now? "What you're saying isn't registering in my brain, I think you're wrong and therefore you fail"

    Holding breath is different than taking a hit. Especially out of a bong or a grav, or whatever else may get you a fuckton of smoke.

    Here's a bong hit: (keep in mind, everyone is different)

    First, you exhale and let most of your oxygen out.

    Then you spend anywhere 1 to 7 seconds milking the bong (still no oxygen)

    Then you spend about 2 seconds clearing the bong. (filling lungs with smoke, maybe a little tiny bit of oxygen)

    And holding the hit, is different for everyone. Some people hold it forever, some people just a few seconds.

    Now, when I get a good, ridiculous hit, I feel the pressure in my head, in my neck, in my eyes; blood is pumping hard to the head, notable by the visible veins in my neck, which implies, to what logic I have thus far in life, my brain isn't getting oxygen and it's going 'WHAT THE FUCK WHERES THE AIR!? THERES JUST A SHITTON OF SMOKE IN HERE! QUICK, BLOODSTREAM, GET SOME OXYGEN UP IN THIS PLACE, WE ALL GON' DIE! THIS DICKHEAD IS SMOTHERING HIMSELF!"

    This doesn't happen so much when I just hold my breath. I think it has something to do with your brain thinking you're naturally inhaling, only to be given a bunch of oxygen deprived smoke.

    If you smoke a lot in a day / sitting, you'll get headaches. Is if from lack of oxygen? Probably. That's what a hangover is. What does lack of oxygen imply? Hm...
  13. A hangover is a result of mild dehydration.

    You. Fail.
  14. "During a heavy night of drinking, oxygen in the blood is diverted toward the areas that need it, and can result in a lack of oxygen in the brain"

    You drink water to replenish oxygen. H20
    Now, I say to you, fail.

    (if that link is broken, look it up hommie)

  15. from: Hangover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I see you're committed to keeping your position as captain of the failboat.
  16. Well from reading the Wikipedia article, it appears that reasons for a hangover are hypothesized and not factual anyway. I could rummage through the internet and find claims that lack of oxygen causes a hangover; I've heard it many a time, and seems logical to me. Dehydration depletes oxygen from the body, does it not?

    Stop thinking you're so high and mighty, it makes my physically sick.:(
  17. people who tell you weed ruined their lives are simply trying to throw off their own problems on a substance. it's really quite pathetic. weed doesnt cause depression. now if someone who is already depressed begins to toke all the time they may become more depressed. but they had to have been depressed in the first place. but in many cases even this is not true. im a fairly depressive, cynical person, but marijuana has made me more normal. it's leveled me out. as far as physical side effects of course it hurts your lungs, inhaling burning plant matter is always bad. but there are other ways to partake, so that problem isn't really a huge issue. besides if you only toke and avoid tobacco then you'll more likely than not be alright.

  18. You haven't produced one thing that even states what you're claiming. Let alone anything remotely reputable.

    Not to mention the fact that they aren't mere hypothesis. Don't tell me you don't know the difference between a theory and a hypothesis, too.

    And then we get to the fact that you're comparing an alcohol hangover to holding your breath causing the same effects. Which is just egregious anyway.
  19. You didn't read my post on taking a bong rip, anything that does against your "facts" is, in your eyes, going to make me look even more ignorant, thanks for taking the work hypothesis literally, the meaning should have came off the same as "theorized", I didn't say "holding your breath makes you have a hangover", I was implying repeat inhaling of something that deprives the body of oxygen gives you a headache and that probably means you're losing a few calls up there, and I'm sorry I was unaware you had to back up everything you say in seasoned tokers with documented fact, so you know what? Fuck this, plain and simple, i ain't partaking in brick-headed ignorance and douche-baggery.

    good day sir. :bongin:

  20. Like what's already been said before. There's no permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen to the BRAIN until the 4 minute mark.

    You are simply unable to process the truth and continue to lash out and use arguments that are completely irrelevant and incorrect, at that.

    I hope I never have to deal with someone else ever saying that "It gives you headaches so that must mean you're losing brain cells, duh, of course. Who needs science?"

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