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What are the prices YOU pay?

Discussion in 'General' started by tsarone, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I've seen so many of you boasting about the cheap prices you get so I figured we might as well have a thread for it. Post how much you pay, for what and maybe how you know the dealer..

    Usually i pay:
    $8-10 per gram, any weight.
    This is because i buy from a very close friend who doesnt make any money off me. I uaully overpay by a bit for their troubles.
    Most my bud is probably headies/good mids

  2. A few dealers I am good friends with. I can pick up an oz of the dankest bud around for 160 from my close friends. 180-200 off other people.
  3. No point in these man, everyone always just seems to have their own "dank ass price hookup hood connection connected connect" Not realistic prices at all, just people tryin to brag about their hookups (Not everyone of course).

    But...fuck it, here ya go. I pay $5-$400 for weed. Is that too bland? :p
  4. 1/8ths - $20 - $30
    1/4s - $50 - $60
    1/2s - $80 - $100
    OZ - $140 - $200

    QPs usually for $450-600
  5. shit weed like 50 an ounce
    good mids (no seeds) 85 an ounce
    kb 230 an ounce ( i think its shitty i dont buy it)
    headies 250 an ounce
    real strains like haze and shit my buddy grows like 400 an ounce but its only 2wice a ear when he harvests
  6. I only buy it from the cannabis dispensaries.
    The grams range from $12, to $16, and they're always around 1.3. Eighths range from 40-55, they're always plugged too.
    Plus California Sales Tax. :D
  7. $45 for an eighth of the best shit that ever comes around my area, usually exotic headies. And the dude is just another member of the partying crew.
  8. Bout the same here..

    I dont really buy anymore then this at a time.

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