What are the prices in Canada?

Discussion in 'General' started by briangumble, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Since I don't have any connects I'm gonna buy off a MOM based in Canada. There prices are $50 an 1/8 and that includes shipping. That sounds kinda cheap because my old connect here in Cali charged $60 an 1/8. I don't want to get any stress, so how much does an 1/8 of chronic cost in Canada?
  2. I pay 30$ for 1/8 of mids, 1/4=50$, half 0= 90, oz= 170$ usually.
  3. An 1/8 of dank where I live costs $30.
    What quality is the weed you'd be getting from this MOM?
  4. Dank for $30 an 1/8, if its not the best weed ill get it for 20 - 25 depending on quality.
  5. I have no idea that's what I'm trying to figure out. I'm hoping it's really good quality though. The strains they have are Legends Ultimate Indica, AK/HP cross, and Bazooka. I've never heard of those strains before and the prices for each one are the same.
  6. what's a MOM???? 30 dollars an 1/8 of dank sounds delicious.
  7. In my town I pay 25 bucks an eighth, 50 bucks a quarter, 80 bucks a 1/2, and 160 an oz.
  8. yea WTF is MOM?
  9. Well I live outside the city, in a small town and buy dro for 150 oz of pure dank. Its 50 a quarter here, quarter lbs for 500, halfs r usually 900 and lbs are 1600, and thats quailty when its loaded with outdoor its alot cheaper,mostly 1400 lB for NortherN:smoking: lights or B.C big buD, nicely dried too,depends where you live cities are alwayz more money more heat.~peace
  10. A MOM is Mail Order Marijuana.
  11. ya i pay around 20-25 an eigth, 50 a 1/4, 90-100 a half, and 150-180 an oz. and this is just in a rural comunity of 3500 people. if u go to vancouver its way cheaper. n shit ur best bet is to just grow it here. for one u wont get in very much shit if u are caught growing a few plants n its just so easy that ud b stupid not to grow.
  12. 25-30 an 1/8 of dank
    45-50 quarters
    85-90 halfs
    130-170 Ozs

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