What are the positives weed does for you

Discussion in 'General' started by Nickyamoto, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I just want to know the positives weed does for you!

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  2. I have a delayed sleep phase disorder which basically means I have perpetual jetlag if I try force a sleep schedule, theres no cure and doctors barely know anything about most circadian rhythm disorders.
    weed helps relieve that, and getting super fucking stoned is always fun :bongin:
  3. Helps with social anxiety.  Elevates my mood and helps me deal with stupid people better.
    I've also discovered that it helps with my Minear's.  When I don;t have any my balance is a lot worse.  Hasn't helped the ringing in my ears any though.  Maybe I need a different strain or dozen...
  4. It makes me super fucking happy when I burn it and inhale the shit that floats out of it
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    It provides fleeting relief from the interminable cruelty of life.  :cry:
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    It allows me to put my ego aside and be more at peice with myself and everything around me
  7. Allows me to be open minded. Improve skills on free time that I'm not good at and an awesome flower to meditate on.

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  8. I used to use weed as a cheap, empty experience like most people. For the past year I've utilized its meditative/enlightening qualities as opposed to its "let's order three boxes of Dominos" qualities and the results are crazy good.
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    I started smoking a couple years ago for stomach issues. Constant nausea, don't absorb nutrients resulting in major weight loss, etc.
    But since then I have had plenty of positive side effects I wasn't expecting
    My depression is pretty much gone
    I am more inclined to exercise frequently
    Vaping seems to make my lungs perform better
    It has opened me up to new ideas and helped me see the world with fresh eyes
    I've always had problems with insomnia, and dreaming so much that it leaves me exhausted in the morning. If I smoke before bed my dreams become a lot less disruptive and I can fall asleep any time
    I'm better at artistic things while high
    No more migraines
    I have no need for any pills. I recently fucked up my ankle and smoking gets rid of the pain better than anything
    I love to learn when I'm high. I'll spend hours reading about eastern beliefs, psychology, physics, and earth sciences

    I am in the best shape of my life physically and mentally and it's all thanks to Mary Jane
  10. Mostly stress relief. It also calms me down when I'm super anxious and cheers me up when I'm depressed.
  11. stress relief, its helps greatly with sleep, gives me an appetite in the morning, i have stomach issues and it helps with the nausea when it acts up. helps alot with period cramps, or just pain management in general. and that different perspective you have on life when your super high, i feel like alot more people need to take more advantage of the psychedelic effects of marijuana along with the health benefits. weed, in my experience at least, it puts your mind in a different place then it usually is. like you got this birds eye view on your life and you can see what you do and don't need and whats good and what isnt. i don't get high to get "fucked up" i get high because i genuinely enjoy that higher state of mind and like to get that different perspective.

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  12. it does nothing positive for me longer than the duration of the high.

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  13. Gives me something to look forward to
  14. Help me with pain. (Degenerate Disc Disease) ruptured discs and herniated discs. Anxiety, mood swings. Helps me sleep. No more prescription drugs. Im allergic to anything that contains acetaminophen, which is almost every pain meds. Acetaminophen has been linked to many deaths. Doctors been trying for years to prescribe me those meds and i told them over and over that I would get very sick taking anything that contained that ingredient. Finally this year I was finally diagnosed of being allergic to it.
    Cannabis has given me a new lease on life. Right now Im waiting for approval on medicinal marijuana. Connecticut is finally on its final stages of opening dispensaries. So by the springtime it will be up and running.

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