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What are the best part-time jobs for stoners?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Rayzon1, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I'm taking summer courses at uni but want a part time job that won't give me a piss test? Any ideas?
  2. Apply at your local police station. I'm sure they wouldnt bother testing. Or check snagajob or "indeed"
  3. Grocery store clerk. I stock shelves part time and make decent money for doing the easiest work. I prefer the closing shift too, because when I get off around 11 I get to blaze up before going to bed.
  4. pizza delivory.. i used too do it all i did way smoked and drove, and you make alright tips
  5. Just do private work like mowing lawns or some shit. We recently had a bad hail storm here and I've been repairing things around my house and others as a private contractor/handyman and I've made like 400 bucks so far just installing garage doors. Which is easy.
  6. Taco bell!
  7. Restaurants. Hands down. Chilis, Macaroni Grill, TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, Dennys even.. shit--the list goes on and on. Yeah, unfortunately there is some work involved.. but pretty much everyones high and shit anyways
  8. Drug dealing?

    But no seriously, I work at a temping agency, its absolutely awesome because they ring you and ask if you want to work, and if you say no, they don't care :)
  9. The same jobs that are best for non "stoners", ones that pay good and have benefits.
  10. A process server
  11. A cannabis quality control tester ;)
  12. concurred.
  13. I used to work as a door guy for a fraternity; it paid like $15/hr and of course they didn't drug test me... I actually bought off the dude who got me the job.

    Now I'm working as a research assistant for one of my professors and the school didn't drug test either... to my surprise.
  14. Lifeguarding....lol seriously i do it, make 13$ an hour, 40 hours a week to chill in a chair and take smoke breaks.

    Plus u get tan and meet maaaaad biddies
  15. i would say fast food. i have worked at mcdonalds and the dollar store. all super easy. even if your doing something "complex" like working the cash register. the only thing i hated was people fucking moving shit around and me having to find where it went and put it back
  16. I worked at Jamba Juice and it was pretty chill. Sure there were some busy times but other than that you just sat around, maybe wiped counters or rinsed out blenders. I like the way it smells in there too. hahaha. Also worked at a Bookstore with I personally loved.
  17. telemarketing jobs probably wont drug test you,also entry level jobs at UPS dont drug test but UPS's hiring process takes up to 6 weeks so that may not be a good summer job.
  18. I work the front desk at La Quinta. At night, i'm the only one there so I can take smoke breaks whenever the hell I want haha.

  19. Jamba Juice sucked soo much to work at high. I worked at one of the top 5 busiest jamba juices in the entire nation and had to prepare all of the food for that resturaunt during my shift. I was busy almost my entire shift and it was horrible. Plus all the people i worked with were super conservative religious pot haters so i would have to play it off really well when i went in high a few times. Although i did learn how to deal with really fast paced rush situations fairly well.

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