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What Are Some Things You Like To Do When High?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Danker310, May 26, 2013.

  1. questions says it all. not asking for best thing to do, but what do YOU like to do.
     i like to go on the cumputer, listen to music, eat food. 
    one of the things that iv wanted to do, that i havent yet is go swimming.

  2. Wow thank god you thought of this thread its great! There has never been one like this on grass city-.-
  3. I cook and watch tv
  4. I love to listen to music and imagine the singer/rappers facial expression while they're singing the song. Its crazy you should try it. And other things i just like to watch movies ,eat A LOT and think about shit. ~Stonerthoughts:mellow::wub::mellow::wub::wub:
  5. Listen to music, cook, and be outside.
  6. I like playing halo (fuck cod), playing guitar and swimming. I even got this waterproof case for my iPod, and I would listen to music while doing laps, one of the best feelings ever
  7. SMOKE MORE!!!
  8. #8 Rhyme Pillage, May 28, 2013
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    Music, cruise, swim.
  9. I love to cook. I feel like a master chef when I smoke and cook I can flip shit in the pan I can chop veg properly I can brain storm recipes. Ive come up with to new versions of a salad (doesnt sound interesting but it is) this week. Ones a bbq chicken salad w/apple cidar vin. and the other a salmon salad. But thats me.
  10. Swimming is the shit! it kind of feels like you are in a video game or something when you go under, also swimming in the pool feels like you are swimming in jell-o because it feels hard to move in the water. Typically, i enjoy eating, chillen, and watching movies but every so often going out and taking walks especially in the city is fun because no-one knows your little secret  :metal: :ey:
  11. Socializing with friends while getting high together is my favorite but when I smoke at home alone I like to either get high and then watch a movie or listen to music.

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