what are some things you do better when your high?

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  1. Or worst?
    When i smoke i love to draw and i think i do way better when im high xD
    i'll post some examples at the end to prove my epicness
    Uh i also do WAY better in video games after i smoke. COD ghosts like i go crazy O_O i went 18 and 2...and i think thats super awesome so yea.
    i cook alot better when im high...i wonder why...xD
    Things i absolutly cant do when im baked is math, work, do my makeup...stop eating...xD
    So what are somethings your guys do better or worst at when your high?
    [​IMG]Zombie hat is epic
    [​IMG] yea more zombie Apocalypse related shit xD
    [​IMG] this is old but i like the shading on the dress so w.e

  2. I play video games better, I socialize better to the point where my dad and I can actually have a conversation together (very rare), I can think about life better, do better at finishing what's on my plate, schoolwork, play pool, workout, & yet it's still illegal...Happy toking ✌️
    i cant really talk and have conversations when im high, i am just to damn high.
  4. [quote name="lindsay711" post="19346658" timestamp="1389817576"]i cant really talk and have conversations when im high, i am just to damn high.[/quote]Yeah I've had this if I'm reaaally high, just can't focus and completely forget what I was talking about Happy toking ✌️
    lmao ive done that on several occassions where ill start telling a story and then forgot what the point of the story was xD
  6. [quote name="lindsay711" post="19346701" timestamp="1389817910"]lmao ive done that on several occassions where ill start telling a story and then forgot what the point of the story was xD[/quote]Haha! Ikr, and it's out of thin air too! One second you're concentrated on what you're saying, the next second, boom! It's gone, can't remember one. single. thing. Happy toking ✌️
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    socialize better thats it,but if I smoke weed once im going to be lazy throughout the day
  8. I used to play Tekken 5 everyday and did pretty well. Once I got high and could predict every single move the a.i would make and went on an undefeated streak for a long time lol haven't played while stoned lately though.
  9. schoolwork. when i am high i can connect concepts in my chemistry class so much fucking easier. i mean i can visualize shit on a nuclear level, and i get damn near all the problems right without even hardly thinking about it. i also wrote 2 term paper last semester whileblitzed, got a 96 on the english one and an 89 on the technology & society paper (slightly ironic IMO). havent smoked yet this semester (it just started on the 13th and i have a drug test for probation on the 29th) but once i do i'm sure i'll find my government and american literature classes much more interesting than i do now. chem,bio and programming are already fun so meh.
    i am also better at vid games. playin black ops sober i'll golike 1.0 KDR if i'm lucky using my best gun (the galil), but stoned i can go fuckin 28-0 with a shotgun (olympia at that). pretty shweet.no time for that shit right now though. i'm also a more creative cook. and i clean like hell sometimes. 
    yet this shit is illegal....
    yet with alcohol...like tonight...all i do is watch that 70s show, not study, and type on GC....
  10. Something I do better while i'm high is.. inhale smoke. 
  11. I have better orgasms.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I looked at your signature and I looked at your avatar. Now what?
  13. now you die
  14. :(
  15. dude i know, i die every time i see one of my posts :(
  16. Im way better on the punch bag when i have had a smoke, not real stoned just when its worn off a small bit. Just zone in an absolutely tear into it relentlessly i love it, pretty much the one thing in the world weed doesn't make me worse atSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Video games, I get pretty reckless with my balisong when I'm high, and DRIVING probably my favorite thing to do.
  18. after getting high the night before i go work i will go in work with a clear mind and will work alot better and faster :)
  19. I clean better when I'm high, unless it's an indica dom strain lol. Idk it allows me to concentrate and I can multi task better. I don't like going to work high it just feels awkward because I have to interact with so many different people and do a lot of physical labor

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