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What are some places that EVERY stoner should visit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImmortalTosh, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. I say Peter Tosh's grave in Jamaica and Amersterdam (duh,lol).
  2. haha my camper.

    SMOKE UP!! lol
  3. The woods, away from society. But as far as a specific place besides Amsterdam.... I dunno maybe BC. Havn't been to either but they have the stoner reps.
  4. Of Course the haven of all stoners, Amsterdam!
  5. I have been to Vancouver, BC and you can roll/smoke blunts on the street downtown and nobody gives a shit. Its even better since they have urban parks to smoke in and the weed is cheap, but high-quality.
  6. at the wateer, my house or Jamaica
  7. Any local fireworks show is pretty cool when your baked. far away from civilization as you can get.

    Omniplex theaters....very kewl with a movie like Starwars.

    Yosemite ...Grand Canyon...etc etc...very nice to see when toking.
    Especially at sunset and/or sunrise.

    Redwood Forest..the size of them trees will blow your mind when you are stoned.
  8. sitting on the grass, on a sunny satarday morning in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, smoking some shiva........mmmmmmmm i love the dam, followed byn a trip to the Van Gogh museum.........Peace out..........Sid

  9. *drool*
    i could really dig that..
    sid, one day my friend, one day.

    edit, till then, I got my jersey shore coast, catching the sun rising, settin, and everything in between right off the bay, not all that bad..but it sure aint the world......
  10. art galleries are the shit but van gogh? give me breugel or rembrandt any day.

    the best though is modern art.. not paintings (unless it's top-notch grafitti).. there's this one sculpture (or is it?) that i visit every now and then. my friends call it the baby head. it's this really white (not skin-colour, just milk white) head of a baby that has kind of big ears and when you stand in front of it it looks like it's staring at you saying "come, my child" sort of like a sage. like the wizard of oz only kinder. it's so trippy you just have to see it.

  11. i never go there anymore... got food poisoning there TWICE

    but if any of you live in san diego, the one place i recommend you go to is dragonseye.. its in del mar and its a hike into a canyon... its kind of a mission to get to, but when you are at the top, and you're lighting up a J, and you can see 100 miles in each direction, its well worth it.
  12. yeah that does sound good and damnit all i have is lake ontario one of the most polluted lakes in america. its all nasty and stuff. but when i go to canidagua lake its beutifull. now that my friend has his boating liscence were gonna smoke and ride the waves. his grandparents have a huge barn with 4 bedroom and they like me enough to let me sleep over their yay.

  13. Had to register to reply to this.

    I have spent more times than I can remember sitting in the park on Lake Shore staring out at the waves on Lake Ontario. It is dirty as fuck, but you know what it is really nice to sit and watch on hot nights on the way home when you are lit.
  14. Jamaica, such a fuckign cool place, bud is growing everywhere, and its fucking ILLEGAL seriously, what a bum ass government hahah power to em. I got to chill with the fucking Wailers, if youre a stoenr and dont know who the Wailers are, you should crawl out of your hole
  15. anywhere you can see the Northern Lights. light up with northern lights and ur good....thats pimp.
  16. the refrigerator :)

  17. Greenhouse cafe in Amsterdam.

  18. argh the greenhouse effect in Amsterdam, i meant to visit there, but just didn't get around to't get around to much, couldn't get out of my out.......Sid

    ps, i hear they have themed rooms now....."arabian nights"......etc etc......some seaside ones too........
  19. duh! Amsterdam!!!

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