what are signs of a potent plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by pleasantrees, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. People say that purple stems and streaks in leaves means it's a dank plant. Is this true? are there any other signs of a good plant?
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  3. Purple is just genetics. Purple can be good or bad.

    A good plant is usually more smelly, creates more resin, has large buds, has not been polinated, and the buds have visible tricomes, hairs, and just looks delicious.
  4. if the plants got alot of trichs etc
  5. i think that color of leaves dont matter it should be how potent the smell is and pretty much what Revolution said!
  6. well can a herm still make dank bud? mine has some purple coloring and some nice hairs. i clip the pollen sacks off too.
  7. theres nowt wrong with hermis really aslong as you control the pollen sacks on em...

    even if you miss a few an get some pollenated but sites youre gonna have some seeds to plants next season an if its a good strain the seeds wont affect it to much anyway..

    if youve got other female plants around then you might aswell get rid of the hermi or just put it somewhere away from the others because you dont want all your plants making seeds obv. or youll have 1000's
  8. Having perused all the other responses above - you don´t know how potent a plant is until you SMOKE it.
  9. You can't just look you have to smoke, white crystals all around the bud isn't a bad indicator though lol.
  10. Presumably you mean TRICHOMES? Which are of course not in the least crystalline. And I harvest mine when the trichomes are about 50% amber
  11. ...uh when you smoke it it fucks you up?
  12. well so far it has what looks like a fairly decent amount of...trichomes....on it. I noticed that the hairs are starting to turn red and the bud looks nice but now my plants lower leaves look yellow and i dont know whats wrong. im thinking lack of water is contributing to it but this happened to my plants last year like the whole time they started to pack on bud.

    the hermi is in a pot with another plant that hasnt yet shown sex but seems really healthy with only small amount of yellow on the bottom leaves.

    I need to research on when to harvest cause im totally clueless. last year i had a total disaster....and my bud got all f*d up, and i lost a bunch of it during cureing. =/ im a noooo0000b
  13. pleasant trees it happens, the leaves store energy then once the plant gets into full budit sucks all the energy from the plant which includes the nitrogen from the leaves causing them to yellow, its not a problem unless over a 1/4 of your leaves yellow and your not even near done with the flowering process.

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