What are side effects of LCd/acid?

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  1. I've read some stuff on acid/Lsd and I'm a total noob to those substance... I want a trip that would last longer then weed, and that seems totaly awesome.. can anyone give me some info on it that could really help me out with trying it, such as pricing, ways of taking it, and what fun things that can amuse u while under the influence, etc. Help guys, i really want to try this but not with out knowing a little more about it.
  2. If I remember correctly it deposits some sort of inorganic matter into your spine that never leaves. Something along those lines.
  3. lexus. thats a myth and its not true. nothing really stays in your spine. your brain does not bleed. and they dont test for it with spinal taps. those are all false myths.
  4. i think thats a lie... but anyway, erowid.com will have all the info you seek. your just asking way too much from us here. i'm taking some sat and i will let you know how it was.

    price is what, 5-20?
    tab, sugar cube, eye drop, gel
    listen to music, visit a park

  5. I'm going by what my brother told me. He used to be a big fan of LSD including making it in our kitchen. He's been to the hospital several times concerning tests and whatnot. I'm not saying whether or not its true or not, but something to think about nonetheless. Myself I wouldn't touch the stuff out of principle.
  6. yeah seeing stuff like that first hand scares the shit out of me. its why i dont smoke cigs and wont do x and wont do other stuff. 'cid though... i'd do just to know ive experienced it.
  7. Pricing usually averages about $10 a hit.

    I'd say just be in a house with another friend listen to some mellow music.
  8. He made it in the kitchen??? But the only side effect that I know of is the flashbacks, I personally have never done it but plan to, I gotta get to erowid now.
  9. that is so much bullshit.
  10. oh man, music is great i found myself sitting with my friend listening to the beatles for 3 hours...didn't even notice, felt like 20minutes, but man was i happy
  11. im sorry but unless your brother was a chemist i highly doubt that he could even attempt making LSD

    oh and if your looking for a trip longer than weed, i got news for ya.

    weed does not make you trip whatsoever, and by that i mean, Lsd will probably fuckin scare the shit out of you if your expecting something like weed only longer
  12. I've tried it myself and can tell you that it's definately a powerful drug. I took tabs and they lasted me well into the 24 hour mark. Acid is like a rollercoaster you feel kind of sober at times, but when you spark a bowl, your peak comes right back up. I loved it but kinda got sick of the trip after about 8 hours and wanted to sleep but I couldnt. It's definately worth it though. I payed $10 a hit but they were really good. I believe they were spiked hearts
  13. I've used acid a couple times in my life.

    It's a very intense and powerful drug, nothing to be fooled around with.

    If my health is of any evidence though, then it's perfectly safe under the proper conditions.
  14. Side effects of Lsd/Acid are as Follows

    Death!!! Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!....never tried it my self...cant seem too trust any one these days...I dont wanna take a hit of strictnine...the good clean lsd has faded away into but a shadow...most acid you find on the streets today is far too dirty for me too even consider trying...*this is all from my bro..hes had hes shares of fun so he knows alot...*
    so basicly if I ever get the chance too do it..Im gonna want too Know the person im gettin it from...if its some geeked out mother trucker...then no way in hell am I touchn it..but if it looks like some rich little punk that knows what hes doin...then I may give it a chance :hello: Holy shit...right after that word "Chance" ...I nearly knockd my bong off the table...thank god i caught it... Muhahahah!!!:D
  15. My advice to you if all you've ever done is smoke pot, try shrooms before acid.
  16. There's no way your brother made LSD in the kitchen
    Unless by kitchen you mean laboratory, and by brother you mean skilled chemist
  17. youre an idiot, unless theyre cutting acid with um idk...arsenic?

    a couple hits are not gonna kill you.
  18. On average how dirty is normal street acid?

  19. Dude noone can answer that truthfully.

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