what are rep points used for

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by green4bud, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. what are rep points used for?

    I have 45 of them.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Rep point or reputation points show exactly that. How much reputation you have through-out the city.
  3. Rep points add green blocks above your user name. That\'s pretty much it. The system isn\'t used properly so it\'s unfortunately not a very good indicator of anything.
  4. well it used to be.....not really anymore though
  5. i only have 35 points i think by lil bro greenlanter has a lot

  6. I got one \"nug\"
  7. I once had like 8 green nugs. then 6 red nugs. Now whatever I have.
  8. you trade them in for penis englargement pills.
  9. haha
    i hate the rep system man. its such a popularity contest
  10. who decides the rep point conent of each user?:wave:
  11. i dont know but with mods who needs it. it seems like we got more riffraff now than ever.
  12. you havent experienced rifraf till you visit the other thc forums....trust me
  13. There should be prizes. =D
  14. Long time ago, I made a post asking the mods if they give themselves full bars of rep or not when the mod account is made and they neg repped me -1000. That was pretty unfair to me :mad:
  15. That\'s not as innocent as it sounds and not how it was asked. I just looked up all of your rep and the posts associated with it and it wasn\'t 1000 points in one punch...and didn\'t even add up to that all together. It was spread out and justifiably. Superjoint was the first to negative rep you due to questioning the intergrity of those that run this site including him. You questioned it again and got it again from him. You then got it from me, Indy, Hempress and Cottons.

    You got banned by a Super Mod and I listened to your plea to come back and allowed it. I shouldn\'t have at the time because you had been warned repeatedly about many different issues but I used my own judgement and allowed you to stay. I personally unbanned you.

    Now, I question my judgement.

    There\'s a ton of threads regarding rep so this one is now is closed.
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