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What are my options for getting medical marijuana in Arizona?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jakimoto, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I have a qualifying condition and I'm going to see the doctor this week to get my recommendation. However, I have no idea where I can go to actually pick up my medicine. I can't wait 2 months for a grow, I kind of need it soon, but dispensaries aren't going to open for a long time. What can I do?

  2. due to the oh so keen forthought of your politicians...you have to buy it off the black market (illegally) which can still get you jail/prison time...isn't it nice how well thought out this was...don't be too pissed, they are typical for politicians, never thinking ahead, of the details, of the long term, just how to get a quick buck in their own pockets.:mad:

    but cheer up, you can demand trial by jury if they do arrest you...and no jury would (shouldn't, unless your lawyer has no say in whom is on it, PA violating your rights in doing so) convict you for just getting your meds via the only route the state left you (other than growing it yourself, a 4-6 month process, + time for drying and curing):eek:
  3. The only option right now is to contact another certified patient that is also certified to grow. It is currently legal for growers to sell/donate to other patients. There is an organization called Compassion First Arizona (compassionfirstaz.com) that is just starting a program to facilitate these connections. You might consider registering with them and/or contacting them from their website. Good luck!
  4. I am in northern AZ and the way I obtained some for myself was to search for AZ medical marijuana caregivers on Craigslist. The person I chose "donated" MMJ to me until my plants were mature. That was the only way I found since I have not been in the marijuana culture in Arizona prior to this.

    There are multiple caregivers in AZ looking for clients. Be wary of ones that want to charge you a deposit to ensure that you stay with them (because they have to pay $200 to enroll each client.) I was not going to pay anyone a deposit as I had no history with them at all and had no idea what their MMJ would be like. I did not have to pay my current caregiver any extra. They do receive benefits from being a caregiver. They are allowed to grow 12 plants for you so it reduces their costs and makes it more profitable for them.

    Hope the suggestion helps.

  5. Can AZ caregivers provide medice to someone with a Colorado MMJ card?
  6. Unfortunately, no. That would be violating the law and would be viewed as an illegal drug deal, that would result in both of you losing your certifications.
    I do hope once it becomes Federal (hey, I can dream, can't I?), there will be reciprocity between at least neighboring states.
    Good luck!
  7. Yes CAREGIVERS can dispense meds to you. AZ states that only licensed dispensaries cannot sell meds to people with out of state cards. AZ's law was written so AZ recognizes medical cards of other states, you just can't use dispensaries. It says nothing about buying from a caregiver.
  8. OP: From my understanding and dealings with my attorney, it currently is 100% legal to purchase meds from other (patient cardholders as well as people that hold a caregiver card). They are all over on craigslist, or weed maps (that website) had about 30-40 caregivers in the Phoenix metro area (with meds in stock), last time I checked! Good luck! Hope this helps you out buddy. When buying MAKE sure you ask to see their ID Card, before you buy, you want to stay 100% legal!
  9. Sandcat,

    This club is a total rip-off, their pricing is going to make you vomit... That's all I will say about them on a public forum.
  10. yea they are crazy priced for nothing special lol,
  11. It's already been covered at length, you can obtain medecine from a registered caregiver or other registered patient. However, something else to consider is that this is ONLY legal if you do not live within 25 miles of a dispensary. IMO AZ will win out and dispensaries will eventually open; 6 applications have already been tentatively accepted in Scottsdale of which 2 will be allowed to open. So, keep your eyes out for dispensaries opening within 25 miles of you because once/if they do it would be illegal for you to continue purchasing from a caregiver/patient.
  12. Will Humble said its going to be at least a 6 month process until dispenses are open. Meaning, I bet you won't see any until next year, Brewer is a moron. Until then you can buy from caregivers or other patients. Also I've been told by several attornies and Co-Op's to not hold your breath on dispenses. It doesn't look good for owners now!

    I don't know if we are talking about the 2 same dispenses, but Will Humble, the director of AZ DHS came out and stated that the 2 dispenses in Scottsdale that have been tentatively accepted, have now been reversed with all immediate future plans put on hold for them (I have a good friend that works in a doctors office that caters to Cannabis patients in the Scottsdale area actually).

  13. I'm in the same boat as you more or less. I have my card but no idea where to get any medication in the Tucson area. I tried searching for caregivers on craigslist like someone suggested but there isn't really anything for southern az.
  14. abishai, do you have a card that allows you to grow? Why or why not? I'm in Southern Arizona too by the way and with a qualifying condition. Where do you suggest I go for an evaluation?
  15. Allowed to grow but can't due to family. PM'd you the other info.
  16. Just buy illegally, like a pound or whatever you would use in two months and start growing now

    Or at least that's what I would do
  17. Is there a cheaper way of going about it than going to AZmedcard.com? I'm going to end up being out about 300 dollars for all the fees?
  18. I know for people in the Phoenix area, there are many established caregivers already! Check some of them out, my caregiver is great!
  19. I know, pretty steep, huh? My Dr. visit for certification cast $125 and then the Health Dept. licensing fee is $150, unless you receive food stamps. I don't see any way around it. I have heard that some folks found Drs. that were as low as $90.00, but that is still a LOT for people who are almost always lower income due to their illnesses, anyway. I DID have a very positive experience with my Dr. at Arizona Marijuana Certification Centers. They have several offices in AZ, and were super professional, clean, not sketchy at all. They also help you by providing ALL of the documents you need, already in pdf. format, so all you have to do is attach them to your electronic application. Even the photo! They were really nice and very helpful, with kind and interested Drs. I can highly recommend them.
    Another thing I hat is that we will have to pay the same amount again in a year!!! It seems to me like a renewal should cost less than an initial application, but I'm just thankful that AZ became a MMJ state, so I'm trying to focus on my gratitude for that.
    Good luck with your application process! Be sure to let us know how it all turns out for you, okay?
  20. Its a lot of $$$, but the state needs income and they see this as GOLD. It's actually pretty sad, funny how they don't do this for other meds. Pretty sure there would be hell to pay if it was this hard for patients to get ANY other medication recommended by a medical health professional. Its fun being labeled by society?!?

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