what are minions?

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  1. minions are the slaves of demons,they are in powerd to help the demon gain a earthy bond foot hold on earth for the demon to walk again! these minion have powers gaven to them in the nether world and when invoked one may have these powers come on to them as a gift from to the minion as a thanks for calling him un to the earthly bond!but bewere some times these power are not as controlable as is the minion there are many ways to call apone the minion ,cards ,a board,sayons ,hypnotize,drug induced subconsciousness and a few others, setting the table as it is called .setting is the most importen it sets the mode for the the sprit to float freely in ,a out of body mode with out makeing the step over!one must know the minions by name and it is a real good idea to know what power he can call at his will! many things have happed in the invokeing of minions ,one must remember that if not dont right it could kill and worse!many bodly sences and brain waves are change to in power the mind to lower it subconscious walls of self presavation! this is in opening the sprit for a visiting minion.for you that havent any idea abut what i am talking abut this is the why to someones ? invoke is a art of calling sprit of the nether world and should be rehurst hunderes of time before a true test is dont and thin their are still unknowen factors that come in to play! there are many books writen in the black arts but few in troduce the invokement for it is a lost art to most and has all but been lost to time ,only a few par take in its glory and powers for this art form takes years to prefect! with refinements in the thousand, time after time in traning for a short but breath take display of supernatrial event,,as i say many factors should be address for a safe and meaningfull event! tazz11, the foreward to, pre invokement
  2. i stand corrected the ? was for what dose the word menon mean !but the one that had ask has offended me and i think that the simple minded, simple live of the menon that took place as a lact of religon in their lives after the holly war took place in the 1600s they lived in small cottages and hide like mice unto them self with fear of be condemed by their faith they lived off the land and were hermited in there ways . they have all but died out and tho many admeir the ways of there life the aniti socal behavier is one of the best reason the menon are in short order today!many were offences to the ones around them in protection of the ways and life! only time can till if the menon and their followers well ever return in hopes of refind their lost faith! as for the preson of this offended replyer, i hope you enjoy your quest for the menon !i hope your path is clear before you and i step a side and let you pass for i to have a quest and this part has ended here with being offended!may we meet within the ink of some lone page of hiden souls apone the spiders web!or pass with out a drop of ink ,playing with the pages at the time !for this time we both lose!
  3. interesting thoughts dude.

    Sorry i havn't got much more to say than that

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  4. Rainman you are very educated on such subjects. I have read a few of your posts and noticed how open minded you are. I just have one question. Why would anyone want to call up a minion when they are demon slaves that cause nothing but trouble? I don't understand why people involve themselves in this. Maybe you can explain to me what the attraction is. Yes they offer you a powerful gift, but why would you want a gift from a low class demon?

    Just wondered that's all.......
  5. mulli_melli, have you seen the thread started by amanita about wicca? I think there are similarities here. She explained how witchcraft was not actually "Evil" and to an extent some of the basic principles apply here. Throughout hundreds of years through an old form of propaganda (gossip mainly) such things get a bad name... and because they are not understood by, and have no comunication with the majority of the public there is no chance of correcting any lies.

    k... i think i've made no sence at all here.
    Its getting late, and i gotta be up early ... so i'm just gonna read a few more posts and of to bed.

  6. I'll check it out digit, cheers...

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