What Animals mix?>

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by E~Man, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. I want to know what Animals I can mix with the plant, so that I can have a disguise for the growing spot... I'm thinking about a hamster, but I"m not sure, or a lizard, so many to choose from, but i want the abosoulute best animal that will go along with the growth of my plants.. any help would be highly appreciated.... Thanks alot...:smoking:
  2. .... what? like in a cage? what do you mean "mix"?
  3. Man your so young and naive little boy grow in the closet in a home made or storebought cupboard (bookcases work great) or grow outside those are your only two choices heres some help go to Target get a cheap bookcase probally 30-60 dollars next go to Home depot and get 2 150 watt bulbs for 30 bucks(worklights 5 a piece bulbs 10 a piece) and then get your soil I heard shultz's works(Miracle grow is shitty) great and your good and next time press the search button ;)
  4. Maybe an Aquiariam...
  5. It's not worth it, something seems to go wrong with this a lot. I thing you should grow like mrtwomuchskill in a closet or attic or something else. Good luck though. O ya if you do it....just dont buy something that likes vegtables.
  6. Don't put any animals in with the pot, they will eat your plants. Stay away from Miricle Grow, Shultz and Scotts. Most of their soil has fertilizer in it already which is bad. Even if you can find those without fertilizer they still suck because drainage in all three is poor. I have grown with all three and have been very unimpressed.
  7. 1) A hamster cage will not hide your 4 foot tall cola stack or trained bush

    2) It would be cruel to animals to keep them under 18/6 intense lights, drafts from air replacement, the constant fan noise, etc.

    3) Animals could attract other unwanted critters like flies

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