What an inopportune time for smoke to come out of me =/

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  1. Yesterday I was at work, and had smoked a j in my car on break, but I only had a few minutes so I was in a rush to smoke a j, get a cig in, and finish my lunch.

    I went back inside to clock in, and there were a few customers in the store. I get to the closed register and punch in my code and clock in and everything, and right as I finished I burped. A little cloud of smoke puffed out and started reaking of bud. FUCK, right?

    Well, I don't think anyone saw it, but some old dude came up before I walked away and I told him the register was closed. He looked at me weird for a second, and got in the back of the open register's line.

    I went into the back of the store and started doing my work, then I see the same old dude and I guess his buddy get out of line, and go outside. The one dude got on his cell phone, and I started to sketch about them having smelt it and called the cops or they knew my boss or something and were calling him.

    They left without buying anything or coming back inside, and I was kinda freakin' out. That was yesterday, and I went in this morning, and no one said anything, everything was normal, so close call I guess.

    I just thought it was an epic bad time for me to burp smoke, when I've only done that a handful of times in my life.
  2. cool bro. sweet.
  3. Lmao... Love when that happens. First time I burped and a cloud of smoke flew out I was at my GFs place, luckily... Cant imagine that happening at work lol.
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    why post if you have no input at all.

    lol well it does suck ass, so maybe you shouldnt blaze in a short period of time.
  5. At least you didn't shit your pants instead. Shit smells much worse than bud. But then again if you got caught, you could have shit yourself and claimed retard.
  6. FoR tEh POsT CoUnT n00b!!1!!1!one!

    But forreal, that's a funny story, OP.

    The exact same thing happened to me except it was in the middle of me handing cash to the guy behind the counter at a gas station. Flew right into his face and he didn't say a word. :eek:
  7. nobody cared dude, you're good.

  8. ...Says the noob who just joined in September, with 174 post count :rolleyes:
  9. Doesn't mean his post was neccessary...
  10. I do apologize for the inappropriate response, yet this was my only reaction to the story. I read the whole thing..
  11. WHAT. :confused: I've never burped smoke! I'm gonna try this right meow. :wave:
  12. I love when I burp smoke. It's REALLY funny when you're high.
  13. IT'S NOT WORKING! :( boooo
  14. It really only works if you swallow your smoke (Probably happened to the OP because he was in a rush and may have swallowed some).
  15. whew. Think it was mainly parnoia.

    Man if i blew a cloud of smoke at work i'd be surrounded by scavengers. "yo whats good with the bud man" fuck.
  16. WAIT!

    ...doesn't working at a grocery store suck? i hate it so much hahaha

  17. Yea dude I mean its straight if your working with chill people, hit on some milfs, I work in the freezers so eat some "damaged" ice cream. It's all good, it's a job and I need the money.
  18. smoke burps are hilarious man love random ass ones that happen long after a sesh, lucked out there man but i dont think you really hadda worry
  19. But does it really smell like weed? I can't imagine....
  20. that happened to me when i was in highschool. Ditched a few places and chill in a pool and smoked a fat blunt and i swallowed some smoke becuase i took a hit and drank some soda.

    While i was waiting for our instructor to unlock his door i burped and smoke came out :eek:

    good thing nobody was paying attention :smoke:

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