What an amazing video...My friend is lucky to be alive!

Discussion in 'General' started by M369, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. It was your average stormy evening in Spain, and my friend fisher1986 sat with his camera videoing the storm action.

    Il let the pictures and video explain the rest....

    The storm coming in the distance...


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGHvoogjVJ8]YouTube - lightning strike 2[/ame]




    It was literally FEET away.

    Thought GC would enjoy this....
  2. HOLY SHIT look at the damn lightning bolt curving and shit!!

    thats a sign from god man
  3. Damn, he must have felt the current from that one. I would've been shook if that happened to me.

    He should've went for the lottery that day.:laughing:
  4. lol in the video he says "oh fuck you nub"
  5. its a sign that hes got an awful aim! or maybe he's warning me that next time it will b closer!

    i didnt even realise at the time that it was that close! i knew it was close but not that close! only on inspection of the video did i realise how lucky i was!
  6. Lol he's actually saying ''fucking hell.'' He's from Manchester, so the accent is prob hard for you guys over the water to understand:p

    Lol i just told him to do that.
  7. That's is very close. You're actually safe in a car from the storm because the rubber tires ground the vehicle, so if lightning strikes it, you're cool.

    At least that's what they told me when I was 6 and terrified of storms. lol

  8. Yeah but he was sat outside his house on a step. Lol.
  9. :laughing: I love storms, I love how they feel on my skin, I'm always outside in them too.
  10. Yeah i do. I actually miss the storms in Spain. They were always fucking crazy. When it storms in Spain, you know about it lol!
  11. We get a thunderstorm here maybe once every two years and even then it sucks. We had one the other day and I sat outside on my balcony for hours watching. I would love to live somewhere there were actual storms.
  12. Lets move to Seattle
  13. NO WAY. I've been back a few times, there's no way I could live there. I need about 90% more sunshine than Seattle could ever provide.

  14. its actually because its closed metal cage and the current travels round the outside of the car never touching the inside. the tyres do nothing the electricity can jump from the car to the ground bypassing the tyres!

    but yea a car is a safe place i was thinkin about getting in it later onwhen it got bad but the pictures i recorded would hav been crap. so i braved it n sat on my doorstep! :)

    and yes i hv a very lazy mancunian accent haha plus i was a little shocked!
  15. That would be crazy if that happended while completely blazed!
  16. yeah I got a power pole in my front yard... Lighting hits that fucker waaaayy too often, while Im sitting on my porch and shit like that.

    That however, was scary mad close... Consider yourself lucky man. :D
  17. ^^^^^^^^^

    This is the guy who recorded the video BTW.

    Just in case anyone can't put 2 and 2 together.:wave:
  18. Yay! And there's the real explanation. Like I said, I was six when someone told me that. :D
  19. Checks his cell and the batteries are charged.
  20. lol damn...i bet the thunder after was deafening.

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