what am i supposed to do now?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skully, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. I vegged my plants for 24 days with my 250 watt hps,todays exactly 4 weeks of flowering.Anyway,I received my power bill today and it went up like $300.I was planning on planting like 12 seeds next grow...How the hell am i supposed to keep my power bill down and still grow weed?ANY suggestions would be great.
    Thanx skully
  2. 250 watts, 300 dollars!? Where exactly do you live?
  3. Does sound like a big price rise for 250w (and some fans).

    Change all the rest of the bulbs in the house to energy efficient bulbs (flouro's) and generally try to be more energy efficient. Turn stuff off at the plug, turn your stereo and tv OFF (not just standby), same with the monitor. Leave nothing on when you aren't using it etc etc.

  4. If all that 300 dollar increase is from your one 250 watt light running all day and night, which I doubt it is, your electricity price would be insane.

    30 days X 24 hours per day X 250 Watts = 180,000 Wh = 180 kWh (divide by 1000)

    for this to be a 300 dollar increase your electricity price would be $1.67 per kWh!!!!!!! My local electricity is 9.6 cents per kWh!!! I think your attribute your increase to other factors like recent heavy usage of A/C or Heater or something alone those lines.
  5. dont want to make you trip but you do know that the police do look for stuff like that. These people i new had a 200 plant "sea of green" and they got busted cause there electic use had increased alot and the po came to cheack on them.
  6. dude something is fuckup i was running 2 400 mh and 1 250 hps for 18hrs a day at 8cent kwh it only went up 50-60 dollars something is wrong did you pay last months bill???
  7. yeah..I think somethings wrong with the power bill..
    maybe i should just go sea of green style....and heres the thing..im growing them at my mom and step dads place because i cant grow them in the apartment..which is cool cause my step dad smokes weed.they some how were charged or back charged..because they got a $1,400 dallar power bill a few months back.Any way the power company said they could pay it back slowly...so i wander if there adding certain amounts on till its payed.
    As for the stupid f****** power company im sure there not going to say anything to the cops as long as your giving them money.As far as im concerned youd have to be stupid to say something and not get the money.
  8. Well i think i figured out why my power bill so high.
    I guess my exhaust fan runs at 1246 watts...not knowing this i ran it 24/7 cause i couldnt keep my temp down.

    what do you guys think...think that would run up my power bill that much?
  9. Cops wouldn't be able to search your house based on the amount of your electricity bill alone...
    What if one day you realized you were afraid of the dark and wanted all the lights in your house on 24/7???

    They could be suspicious...
    But a higher electricity bill is not enough for them to obtain a search warrant...
    And ofcourse without one of those, you have every right to refuse them access to your home UNLESS you left something incriminating in clear view and they happened to see it...

    Good luck with sorting this electricity bill thing out...

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