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  1. Soil pop on 9-28. pic taken 11/16. still in veg. I just topped them last week for the first time. their a little over a foot tall. are they starting to show sex or is this normal? This is my first time. these dont really look banana shapped to me, but i dont want to wait too long until im sure and it be too late. The small/bushy plants dont seem to show it, but the thin/tall ones do.


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  2. retake every pic focused like the 6th picture.
    but it looks like you have a couple males. or one male with 2 pictures. i couldnt tell the rest. 
  3. i wish i could but this phone is junk and wont focus. i can take a digital picture tomorrow. The really big ball looks like a flower curled up. its not a ball, it opens.
  4. Pic 1-4 looks like the start of balls. 2 more days and you'll know for sure.
  5. okay thanks man

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