What am I looking at here?

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  1. Hey guys, this is a single AK-48 feminized autoflower from Nirvana. Ive read some people say that fem seeds cannot possibly be males, but can be Herms. I just noticed these small growths at the nodes of my plants. What am I looking at? The plant will only be 15 days old this thursday, they couldnt be preflowers forming already could they? I know autoflowers are fast growers, but preflowers at only two weeks?


    Sorry, the damn photo keeps rotating for some reason when I post the link
  2. It's just new growth. Those are going to become bud branches. It pretty much alternates in nodes light collection leaves then bud branches and repeat.
  3. Cool, Thanks man. On another note, is the browning of the leaf stems normal? The leaves are beautiful and green, with the exception of the leaf tips being a little droopy from accidentally overwatering yesterday. They are still good and green, no yellowing though
  4. It is on some strains and on others it's a sign of a deficiency. I've had many do that and they were all fine. My dwc plants didn't but all of my soil plants have at least for a little while. What i can see in the pic looks healthy.
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  5. Those are new branches starting to grow

    I see ClosetGrower has covered your Q's, I echo his answers 100%
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  6. Thanks guys, lol
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