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What am I gonna do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Oh sister(13) and her friend(13) want me to buy cigarettes for them...if I don't, they're gonna be begging me for mine, and if I do, I'll feel terrible :(
    This isn't a nice thing for them to do; putting me in this situation
  2. just so ya know i had to log allllthe way in just for you ;)
    your right bad situation....if it were me, an it was my sis, an NOT my kid :)
    id buy an extra pack of smokes leave em on the table or whatever and just kinda turn my back...or else they will be snatchin yours..maybe i posted cause i uh, havent had a ciggi in 51/2 hours annd 38 seconds...eeeek

    maybe they'll smoke too many an get sick????

    have fun hempress.


  3. LOL, I appreciate it Highya :D

    let's hope so, then maybe they wont want to do it anymore

    if they smoke lots they might get addicted and that would suck, i aint ever smoked tobacco and have turned down a joint with glorious cannabis cos it had that devil weed in it !!!

  5. they're gonna steal 'em from me anyway..I've caught them doing it :mad:

    I don't want to buy them for them, but they can be very annoying when they want something from me...they're not small girls anymore, and they'll climb on me! that's not cool!!
  6. its not good advice im waiting for somone to yell at me, OUTLAW!
    i so need a smoke.
    but, well if theys gonna smoke anyhow, an beg for yours. really, maybe they will get
    i did, more than once....lesson not learned.

  7. you shouldnt even have to think twice bout this. Why in gods name would you even consider giving a 13 yr old a cigarette. 13 is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to young to be doing anything like that.

  8. Because they'll climb on me!!!

  9. to stop them stealing... you stop smoking tobacco :)
    hehe, they will climb on you ??? thats not good, could try jabbing them in the face with one, that might keep them away from ya for a little while (joking, im not a sadistic fool)

    sorry for a lack of decent response (apart from quitting)
  10. it's ok moogle

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want to give them cigarettes...NOT AT ALL!!!! I don't think you guys realize how much of a pain in the ass they can be when it comes to cigarettes....that's the only reason I'm thinking twice about it

    P.S. I may not be quitting, but I have cut back (I used to be pack-a-day, now I'm 1/2 a pack-a-day) and that's a start :)
  11. well done on the cutting back ! due to my completely anti-baccyness i now have NO friends that smoke it, all pot or not at all :)

    i wasnt saying that you were encouraging 'em at all. sorry if i made it sound like it.

  12. don't do it!!!
    tobacco is grossssssssssssssss
    i have 2 friends that smoke and we don't hang out very much cuz i think smoking is fucking revolting, blechhhh

  13. Any age is too young to smoke tobbacco. I definetly wouldn't get them smokes. Do you want to have 2 nicotine addicted little girls on your conscious? Hide your smokes. Get them high instead. At least you won't get a couple of lifelong addicts.
  14. Well, I don't even have to worry about it now....her friend isn't coming over to sleep over, and my sister isn't so bad by herself :D
  15. i cant really say anythin..cause i've been smokin since I was 11...
  16. i hate non-smokers.

    just jokin :D



  17. Have you quit yet?

  18. 13 is better than 9...and since were all strict, moral, law abiding citizens around here, i dont think you should do it hempress.

    if they want to smoke that bad, they are going to smoke regardless of if you buy them, they steal them, or they get them from someone else.
  19. *wonders if bud would know whe's lying*....
    im working on it :D...ok no, no im doing that either.
    give a big fat yell when i stick itchy patches on an quit.then you guys do too!so be we can all have a few grouchy days together.

    hehe told ya hempress i was givin bad advice ...

    an a lil side note dont ever change your password to a symbol..hehe


  20. lock yourself out? :D

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