WHAT am i doing wrong??

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  1. Aright, I bought a clone from the club 3 days ago. It was about 6" tall when I bought it, and since then it has yellow spots all over it, dark purple stems and the leaves curl and droop and are very crinkled. My set up is in an all white closet with 4 cfl light all around. The cfl lights combined over 100 watts, and produce over 3500 illumins. I planted her in mircle grow out of a 2 gallon pot. The ph of the water is 6.5-7. The temp during the dAy is about 74-76 and at night it's a solid 80. Pretty sure she is in the veg stage right now, but she's not doing good PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. the yellowing could be from anything.. my guess is your ph is too high causing lockout.. the water should be around 5.5-6.5 anything higher is no good. 5.8 is what i always aim for when measuring the soil. yellowing could also be from nute burn from the miracle grow or your lights are too close burning them... purple stems is usually a phosphorus deficiency so with the combined symptoms you describe, i would find a different water source, sounds like nute lockout causing more than 1 problem.. good luck
  3. The reason they are dying is because of the miracle grow. Marijuana does not like miracle grow at all! I've see many people on here posting the same question and its always the same answer. The soil. You would think it would be good for it but, unlike tomatoes and other crops, marijuana likes organic soil with no nutes and stuff for the first week or so.
    If you google hydro store "your town" you can probably call them and ask them what soil they recommend (most likely fox farms or something similar about $15 bucks). You will also need nutrients. make sure to follow the exact formula or they will come out bad. Its not a cheap hobby , but with a little investment they will give you ounces!
    I would reccomend looking at the grow journals of others and see what they have done. Watch a video on how to grow and what steps to take to get a good harvest.
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    oh yeah i meant to link this for you also
    plant problems

    miracle grow usually is pretty bad on plants.. you are probably just burning them up in it. but i have used miracle grow "organic choice" and it wasn't too horrible but definitely not recommended

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