What Alcohol Should I Get Tonight?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by grapeALICIOUS, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Well I was thinking Captain but now I'm not too sure...what should I grab..?
  2. Do you like vodka or beer? I'm kinda weird but I usually buy the same things, smirnoff red label and premium grain belts. Oooo and Jim Beam here and there... go with the beam over some ice!
  3. Have you ever had Sailor Jerry's? That's what I'm gonna get tonight. It's my favorite rum and it costs about the same as Captain. Me and some freinds are gonna get a half gallon I think.
  4. It's been so long since I had Capt., Sounds good to me.
  5. My god do I love some Jerrys once in a while. +rep for that one. Although I will say I get kind of sick of how sugary it is after a while. Oh I should also say captain is just gross but to each his own:wave:
  6. Fuck, Id kill for some jack.

    even weisers would be good.
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    Black Velvet man.all the way.it WILL put you where you want to be and its spiced rum thats less $$ than captain.i think its like 10$ a fifth.
  8. cant stand the hard stuff, i always go for beer
  9. I just got a bottle of JD. I gotta say Jack and Coke is probably my new favorite drink now. Jack and Dr. Pepper is also good too.
  10. im a whiskey kinda guy, so id go for some jd, jim beam, makers mark is pretty good also. but i don't know your preference, so those were just in case you feel like grabbin some whiskey. maybe some rum? like someone said black velvet is pretty good.
  11. hypnotic + hennessey = [​IMG] The Hulk :D
  12. 99 Apples for sure... It's so tasty with the apple flavor, and it's also 99 proof so it's got an extra kick like SoCo

  13. Blueberry fucking Stoli.

    Get some trueblue blueberry juice from the store, mix that shit up and you will get shitfaced without tasting a damn thing.
  14. Barcardi superior light rum and some coke. Good shit.
  15. lemon bacardi rum.
  16. But i like tasting my booze!! I hate flavored vodkas. Drink most things stright. (alcoholic);)

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