What age?

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  1. At what age did you start playing with yourself?

    Are you male or female?
  2. It was day 4. I had eaten, slept, shit and taken a piss in my tiny little diaper, and there wasn't anything left to do. I reached down and softly carresed my own smooth skin. I felt a wave of heat go over my body as my tiny fingers brushed playfully across my throbbing, infantile member. I knew that it was wrong purely on instinct, which was why I couldn't stop myself.

  3. hahahaha

    I think I started in 2nd grade, and was due to Pokemon.

    It was weird at first though... I just used to just rub my hand on my penis or something crazy like that. :confused:
  4. No need, all these bitches wanna breed
    trynna get one fine ass guy like me to plant the seed
    from day one woman be touchin my squirt gun
    pop pop pop watchin panties drop
    they play the inmates, i'm the cop
    fuckthat i ain't no pig!
    i'm just a white kid who thinks he's a n!g.

    /freestylebullshit...sorry i'm high and am bored.
  5. Bad ass dude. :D

  6. :eek: thats crazy. everyone knows youre supposed to use your feet to jerk it

  7. You're right, I didn't describe that sufficiently.

    I would use my right hand palm, stretched straight and just rub my junk side to side really vigorously with it. Weiirdd....
  8. My first time discovering it I was about 13, but I still didnt realize what it was till a year or so later.. I would kinda look at my jizz and be like :confused:wtf! I had no clue what it was lmfao
  9. In preschool. We would have naptime and when rubbed my friend on it, it would feel good. I kissed a girl too in preskool. Good shit.
  10. 10? 11? early middle school
  11. i remember my older step brothers talking about it and I just thought " i gotta try that shit "
  12. 14 when I started watching Porn, I had a boner so I was like fuck it.
  13. Honestly like 9.... I was flippin through the channels late at night and found cinemax
  14. Damn... who keeps track of when they started masturbating? xD
  15. I dont know but my socks havent been white ever since

  16. guys.
  17. 7or 8 maybe. I dont remember, only that I started humping things for reasons I didnt understand until WAY later
  18. Ummm...I think maybe when I was 13 or 14.
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