What age is it okay to smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by lungs, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Some think it interferes with developement in children. What do you think?
  2. yeah it does. wait till your developed is good advice. I startede when I was 15 though. not fully developed at all. I didn't get heavy on it until I was 18 or so. you have to learn to make good sound decisions first. at 15 I had no idea. I got my shit laced once the same year I started. had to lean things the hard way. age doesn't equal wisdom.
  3. i started when i was 14
  4. ^^^ ^^^^
    me too
  5. lol started when i was 14 too.
    ahh i remember my first time like it was yesterday.
    cruising down the road, had to find a vacant neighbor hood, my friend roll tht sht, light tht sht, then he passed tht sht...weeeee lol
  6. I started when I was 14 and im 26 now, NOTE TO ALL: I suggest you start smoking weed when you hit your twenty's, or at least if you cant wait that long 18. Dont stress out your parents with bringing weed into thee house, and getting caught in school!
  7. I would say 16 or 17
  8. when i was smokin weed, i useally did it on the weekends, when i went to my friends house.
    now i useally smoke at partys and get togethers.
  9. As soon as you can buy it with your own money.
  10. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    But honestly I started at 15 and passed highschool in the 90th percentile..

    To me it's a placebo effect. You'll think that you can't concentrate because of MJ when really you can. All you have to do is focus. I got past it and owned school hard.
  11. I started 13-14
  12. I started smoking marijuana in eigth grade and was in the honor roll every quarter of my highschool career.

    I would say 3 years old is a safe bet.
  13. Quoted 4 Truth!
  14. I started my kids at 6 and 3 for my girl (now 12) and boy (now 9) respectively
  15. I bet they did well in school with the metric system ;)
  16. I started at 15, so I'm gonna say 15.
  17. I tried it at 12, got into it at 14, been into it pretty heavy since,,,,thats just becuase It's all around me. But honestly I think someone should start, when they can handle being high, and still act responsibly, which is usually 16 or 17 IMO
  18. I don't know what age a child should be allowed to be intoxicated in but I do know that I first go high when I was 12 under adult supervision and it was fine.
  19. It doesnt matter the world is going to end in 2012 anyways
  20. If my kids want to smoke at 15-16 I'll nbe okay as long as it doesn't make them lazy or unmotivated.

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