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What Adventure Should We Embark On

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Me and my good friend usually take a 1g joint of weed and get blazed out of out mind because of the high thc amount. Anyway, we usually walk around at night near roads and stuff and ten go eat and sleep at his house.

    This is getting slightly old and would like something new and fun and that raises adrenaline. Any ideas?

    We live in Switzerland, so we got EVERYTHING ( mountain, lake, forest, field) but we would like to stay within a 2mile radius of his house.

    Btw it would be at night or near to night but u can suggest day time

    Here are some I did:

    One day all 4 of us headed from one of uses house and headed to the forest where there was a small tower ( 3 meters high) and around there is this broken rock stairway that leads us too this small flat platform on top and we load our pipe with some sweet Mango Kush and chill 10min an then one of us starts to bad trip but luckily one of us tells him to lie down and wait for it to pass. After this we walk to this river and see a flat comfortable muddy grassy surface but it's across the river and we all jumped makin it a huge big deal. We lie down and have a little more Mango Kush. Later we walked through the forest and onto the road where we randomly see one of us start pissing on the road( lol ). Then there was this downhill that we ran down which is epic. We then walked in the dark in my village and went to one of uses house and his mom welcomes us with fucking spaghetti bolognaise ( she somehow knew we were high) and chocolate cereal. WE SLEPT LIKE BABIES IN OUR SLEEPING BAGS.

    Another time me and my good friend rolled this approx 1g tightly packed joint of Northern Lights and find this nice chill place which is a VTT course with mud hills to jump and stuff and we go behind the hill and toke and I starting sort of hallucinating a bit and we starting walking to this football pitch and lied down on the grass listening to " In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins( a must listen high) and then we go to this swig in a playground and the only way out without having to pass by a restaurant is to climb this small fence which was epic and I boosted my friend and I just rolled over it and fell almost on my head and laughed my ass off. We slept at his house and ate.

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