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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by trillyen, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hello my name is trillyen, and i just joined this site today!!!

    Although im about to enbark on my own home growing expierence, i have before when i was younger did a home grown experiment, but never to actually have a plant fully flower like ive really been wanting to see

    this brings me to my question, i have always wanted to grow hydro ponically but im not sure how exactlly its done

    i plan to flower my plants in a aerogarden, but i would like to keep the mother and father plant or plants in a home made rubbermaid diy system

    what i dont understand is the plants roots completley submerged in a water solution???

    do u ever have to change the water??? i would think so cause dosent the plants use up the nutrients in the water???

    IF the plants arents completley submerged in water is that what the pumps are for to spary the roots that arent in the water every 3 or 4 hours

    where in the hell do u get those rockwool grow cubes from cause lowes home depot or menards dosent even know what they are..

    Im sure i have more questions but im guessing these are my main concerns and after getting these answered im gonna start out on my indoor growing journey

    I was wonderning what r some of your guys reason for growing indoor is it mostly for personal use or is it for profit just wondering

    I was also thinking that the reason the government dosent legalize weed is because they wouldnt make any money off of it, every one would just grow there own right???

    Thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen!!!!
  2. well unless you have the aero garden already, I would rethink it(not many have been happy with it). Keeping your mother plants in hydro is prob not needed(they will grow fast, and unless you need alot of clones every month it would be a waste). You dont need a "father" plant unless your planning on breeding.

    To be honest it sounds like this is your first real grow...if this is the case you should strongly think about growing in soil for a few grows. Soil will give you some time to react to fix problems, hydro can go bad real quick if you dont know what you looking for. Use the first few grows to learn the "how too's" of growing and you'll be able to apply them to your future grows when you make the switch to hydro.

    As far as to where to get the rockwool cubes...local hydro shop, nursery, online.

    Good luck,
  3. I guess yea u could say its my first real grow, that ill actually get to see real buds, but i dont think im a noobie tho, but compared to u guys i guess i am.

    damn thats really dissapointing to hear that people aint happy with the aero garden, i just wanted to use that for flowering because i have very limited space, but thanks to your suggestions i may look into building a grow box, i really was trying to avoid any construction tho, but it seems i may be coming up on some more time than i have had to do things in the last few years so it may be something good to keep my idle mind busy

    any way, i should just need like 2 main grow boxes right one for the mother ( and father becaue i do plan on breeding the best of the best), and one for the clones correct.

    im gonna look around on the site for people with limited space like me, and see what might help.

    i may still get the aerogarden just for a few experiments

    thanks for the advice, u are so right about not keeping the mother plants in hydro, thank u very much thats very help ful

    well wish me luck!!!
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  5. there are alot of thread on smaller grows...not too many of the huge commercial grows here, ya know. If your wanting to grow out a male, you should look into building a iso chamber for it...or most likely you'll end up with seeds in you plants due to pollination. I keep a space for my mothers and vegging plants(around 3x5x8) and another for flowering plants(4x5x8)...depending on the amount of plants you want to grow at a time, you could adjust the space. I normally have 3-6 in veg and flowering + a couple of mothers at all times, just have to figure out what you want and what your equipment will allow you to grow(dont try and grow 10plants with a couple of CFL lights).

    I would read up on the aero garden here before buying cause I think it was something with the lights not having a timer so hard to set to 12/12...but I dont have one so check if you want to make a informed choice.

  6. Theres a guy on here that calls himself mickthedroog I think.....find some of his threads and read up....maybe even PM him. He used an aerogarden and can give you an earful of why not to. For the $200 you'll spend on the deluxe.....you'll definitely be further ahead investing in a small DIY grow box. Definitely read before you buy anything. Once you figure out what you want to do, if you have any Q's.........we're all here to help..........Best of luck to you Bro, and welcome!......( Here's mick's thread)


  7. YEah.... what CDaddy says. Excellent advice there.

    There's no reason why you can't go Hydro right off the bat. I keep my mums in soil and do ALL my flowering in hydro. It's too simple when you use General Hydroponics FloraNova series. (See my sig file for a link on growing like a pro with these nutes)

    Look into simple ebb& flow or a drip through hydroton or lava-rock type setup. Try to stay away from SWC/DWC if you can. They're excellent ways to grow but they have some issues that beginners should avoid.

    The E&F or drip is just as simple to set up as a SWC/DWC and you'll have far fewer issues while still getting the explosive growth you're looking for.

    Keep in mind that you'll most likely be doing this for MANY years to come so if you end up spending another 6 months reading and building your cab, you're just going to have a much better grow the first time out. :)
    (I know, it's extremely difficult to wait but it's definitely worth going into this COMPLETELY prepared. That way it's not so difficult to compensate when you realize you're still not prepared. LOL)

    Grow On! :smoking:
  8. :wave:hey thanks alot fellas, i have not ordered my seeds yet, im thinking of getting white widow, and great white shark, cause i wanna see some red hairs on my buds, i think itll be cool.

    is there any certain weed that is more easier to grow than others

    My god thank u so much for easing my mind about the hydro, and im definetly gonna check out that link after i type this

    I just dont understand the concept of the roots just hanging there it seems like they would dry up

    Here is what i got in mind for a hydro set up!!!

    !st and for most im gonna use the rubbermaid tub with 6 hole in the top, and im gonna use pvc, and the spray bar method

    luckily i just got out the salt water fish hobby so i have more than enough pumps and pvc than i know what to do with, i just really hate to build a grow box tho cause i have no closet space so i wanna build 1 big grow box to do all my growing in veg and flowerin

    Will just simple plywood be ok for the grow box??? Should i add anything else

    any way i was wondering would it be ok to add a bubbler to the bottom of my hydro system to kind of keep the roots moist, or would that be like over watering

    any way im gonna go check out that link

    1 more thing if i cant get plywood, would card board be ok to use for the grow box????

    Thanks alot for all your guys help, hopefully i can return the favor soon!!!

    Grow ON!!!
  9. Another bump and a stupid noob question

    What is a DWC< and a SPP

    i remember u said me being a noob to a hydro system a DWC or a SPP system, might be difficult for me to keep

    like i was saying in my previous threads im gonna use a rubbermaid toat, and a under the lid spray system to grow my weed, and i wanna get some rock wool cubes and a rock lava mix or what ever its called to plant my seedings in after they sprout

    i just dont understand the whole process. I know they need sprayed 4 times a day, and things like that, but do u ever have to change the water in your resevoir, i know it will evaporate, so i guess thats a stupid question.

    ive seen videos on youtube on how to make the hydro system but they just dont answer alot of my questions

    By the way, what are NUTES

    and thanks for the link it was help ful u saved me 200 bucks, but i was just wanting 1 of those to avoid building a grow box, i seen videos of the aerogarden on youtube where the aerogarden looked like it made a pretty good yield, but the plants were very long and linky, and not short and bushy like i like!!!

    thanks again guys!!!
  10. You're headed for rocky shoals there bub. I'm seriously recommending that you not pursue the hydro method you're thinking of. Having a continous spray system is one of the most difficult methods of hydro to use.

    Read up on Ebb&Flow and Drip systems instead. They're very simple to setup and keep running properly without issues and that's exactly what you need right now.

    Nutes are Nutrients. To keep things super simple I recommend the General Hydroponics FloraNova nutes. They're excellent nutes. Follow the link in my sig on how to grow like a pro to read up on how to use them for excellently fed plants. (Super Healthy) :D

    Look into getting a clothes wardrobe or cabinet you can convert into a grow box. You're going to need to lightproof it for when you go to flower your ladies.

    You have time. You have a lot of reading yet to do but you'll get there if you're patient. :)
  11. hey thanks again man i thank u for all your help

    my seeds are on the way i think i got like 1 ak-48 and 2 shell shocks or something like that

    and 2 white widows, they arent feminized, so we will see how they turn out but, ive decided to go with the drip system like u said i just gotta figure out how it works

    im abut to go check out the link in your sig right now

    again thanks

    and i hope your next high lasts a life time,

    lol thanks man!!!
  12. DWC = Deep Water Culture

    no idea what SPP is

    it sounds like you like a challenge but I wouldnt go down the aero route first - get some hydro experience under your belt with a couple of Bubble Buckets

    basically a big bucket and lid covered in aluminium or duct tape to keep the light out - add bubbles with an air pump and add the right amount of nutes

    check out rumpleforeskins bubble bucket DIY guide

    good luck
  13. Thanks i just might do that it sounds simple enough but surely a drip system cant be that hard but ill check out the bubble system also

    i ment to put swc, but now im assuming that stands for shallow water system, see i kinda catch on a lil u guys are steering me down the right path and i appreciate it alot thanks you so much!!!

    im gonna do a search on that u just told me and see how it looks

    thank u very much!!!
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    ill be so happy when my buds in bloom ill do the humpty hump!!!
  15. Just as simple to setup are Ebb and Flow or Drip systems. They also do away with the Dissolved Oxygen and Nute temp issues that SWC and DWC suffer from (bubble Buckets)

    Anyone will appreciate their simplicity and anyone in hot areas will absolutely LOVE how low maintenance they are compared to DWC or SWC.

    (I ran both DWC and SWC for quite a while)
  16. Thanks trillyen for asking these questions.

    HyrdoGanic, thanks for your replies that have answered some questions of my own.
  17. Lol im glad i could help, it just excites me to be on this and apart of this forum let alone actually the thought of helping some 1 is over whelming

    So hydro are u saying that a drip system, or a ebb flow would be ok for me to start with

    u dont think ill expierence any clogs or any thing??? will i ever have to clean out my lines or anything???

    i think i do wanna do a drip system on my clones

    do u have a site on the web i can go to, to order net cups, and stuff of that sort cause google is no help in that area

    what do u think about a fogger, would this be ok for a beginner???
  18. E&F and drip systems are just as simple as bubbler buckets. you'll have no problem setting it up. :) They're basically a pump and a bit of hose. Most people use drip emitters but I've heard too much about clogging and unless you're running a large number of drip lines from the same pump, you can run with straight open ended drip lines. (no clogging.)

    My drip system is set up with 1/2" flexible hose. My nute solution is pumped up and split into two hoses, each one curls up underneath the top layer of lava rock in a 5 gallon bucket. The end of the hose is crimped shut and I drilled small holes along the bottom of the hose around the circle.
    Once the pump is on, all the lava rock in the bucket is wet in about 2 minutes. :)

    Skip the fogger for now. Play with it later if you find the time or desire. :)


    They're all reputable online hydro shops that ship discretely. :D

  19. If you are worried about clogging you could stuff a piece of brillo pad in one of your return fittings or just set up an inline filter with a piece of wire mess like a pipe screen. It might be a better idea to do an inline one. Then if you did have any debris you could just plug the line and clean the filter trap. If you just stick a piece of brillo in the return fitting your tank will have to be empty to clean the debris out. If don't think you can make one send me a PM and I will give ya a hand setting one up. but as HydroGanic said you probably will not need one.
  20. Please don't do this. Use brass screen. Brillo rusts.
    They make E&F fittings for about $20 that are excellent and will work for decades.

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