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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. High ALL! what's been going on. Been out of touch this week and trying to check in before rolling down the highway again.

    Had to be in Atlanta early on Wed, so I rolled off the farm at 3:00 am and hit the road. Worked all day and then drove in to Nashville to finish the week out. Too much coffee and trucker pills and my stomach and sleep patterns got fucked up. Had't eaten but one meal from Tuesday till last night and hadn't had but six hours sleep in that same time.

    Got in last night and rolled some bad mojo weed. smoked a nice on and settled down to eat. Wrong! went completly bulimic and was puking my guts out in ten minutes. HAd to take a sleeping pill to go down last night and am still fucked.
    Hopefully, I should be OK soon, but I'm going to Birmingham tonight to see Aerosmith and the Cult in concert. So I doubt my old body will recover today.

    I've lost about 6 pounds this week, down to below 225 now. If this continues to drop, I'm going to change my tag to mid-size poppa puff. but ladies don't worry I'm still 6'4".

    Had fun in Nashville even though a Mr. BudHead didn't hook up with me. Drove around in the monsoon splashing joggers around the fancy college. Went looking for a headshop and wound up at a dirty bookstore. I was looking for a roach clip and walked over the whole damn store and couldn't find shit. The CREEPY old amn that worked there asked me if there was something I wanted. I told him a roach clip. He said (and I quote) " You mean some nipple clamps? they're over there in the fetish section." I said no sex stuff, smoking stuff for pot. he said all that stuff is in the next room over. Sure enough, all the stuff was there through the dirty movie rental section.

    Time to go and get ready. Got drop the kids off at a babysitter before we go see Aerosmith. You don't know how old I feel by typing that last line.

    C'YA BPP!
  2. I thought The Cult vanished years ago without trace....
  3. The Cult ROCKS!!!!!!!! So does Aerosmith, I am so jealous!! Livin' in the boondocks does have some disadvantages.....

    Have a great time, BPP. Burn one for me!
  4. NO SHIT!!!!!! I am totally jealous!!!! I've had a crush on Steven Tyler since I was 15-he's the only man after all these years who can still send shivers down my spine!!!! That's one man I'd...........well you get the picture. The Cult totally kicks ass, too. I've been lookin for some of their shit in the stores but can never find it. BPP you suck!!!;) Well, I guess from the sounds of the week you've had I'd say you deserve a kick ass time......I'm still jealous though!!!! LOL!!!
  5. I replied to your pm to let you know why we didn't hook up. You'll laugh your ass off when you know what happened! Next time i won't let that happen again! Short term memory loss lasted tooo long! Good to see you made it back. Next trip we will hook up!

    Tell momma puff and the kids hello.
  6. aw man....im so jealous i have nothing to say...
  7. Hope you have a great time at the concert!!!! The Cult will definately pump you up for Aerosmith. It should be a real blast...relax and enjoy...and blow off some stress.
  8. No concert! No Aerosmith! Total fucking bumrush!

    Giant scoreboard crashed at 7:30 am and the show was cancelled. Didn't find out until I had driven the two hours to get there. I pulled up at the front door and thought I had landed the prime parking spot, ready to tailgate before the concert and then some dude says no concert. Bike cop says move along, not tonight, yadda yadda!


    Pissed and drunk and stoned big poppa puff was not feeling to happy last night. *dread* Went with Momma Puff to the mall for X-mas shopping instead of concert.

    Somebody send me some good karma.

    Now I've got $110 in tickets plus $22 in ticketmaster fees hanging on the promoters attempt to cancel or reschedule. Like they are going to reschedule for another Saturday night, yeah, right. I'm also out fifty bucks for a babysitter too. I'm totally apeshit fucking pissed!
  9. That SUCKS!!

    I'm sending good karma your way, Rhett, and here's to a better week.
  10. Ouch that sucks! I was dancing circles in my head for you with visions of Aerosmith rockin' out... And cancelled?! Boo.

    Hope they reschedule the concert for a date that's good for you and you end up being able to go ~
    Sending good karma your way ~~~
  11. My heart goes out to you. I am smoking in your honor all day today. Peace and Love. nate.
  12. That had to be a real buzz-kill. I am so sorry. I was lookin forward to hearin some good stories from ya. Keep the faith....there's still hope. It could've been worse ya know?
  13. Had a shot to go, but that's a friggin Sunday, 3 birthdays in the next three weeks, Christmas looming in the near future, so no way! Plus, I saw these da 'Smith in '78 when they was still drugged and crazy, for only $3!!!!! Was gonna cost $135 just to get me and the wifey in the door! Plus, a hotel or a 3 1/2 hour drive late at night, no friggin way!!!!!!
  14. I hear you Smokie and gang. I'm out $135 and still waiting to hear if they are going to cancel, reschedule, or whatever. My money is out there in limbo and I have no idea if I'll get to see a concert or get any part of my cash back from a refund. I heard that if the show is recheduled and you can't go, you only get part of your cash back, which pisses me off to no end. The only reason we decided to go was because it was going to be on a Saturday night, oh and it was our Christmas present to each other.

    Not to mention that I had to drive 130 miles to get there to find out the show was off. You would have thought they would have announced it over the radio, but no! Local DJ said as we were pulling out of town said that ticketmaster had just released some tickets on Friday and you could still buy them at the door to the concert. That was at 4:00 pm, the scoreboard collapsed at 7:30 am. I believe they should have done a better job getting the word out that the show was off for the night.
  15. keep the baby sitter and senfd them out and blindfold you and the miss and set in the living room with a cd of them and turn it up!!your miss while love you for shareing with her and you well get some much need sleep as well after the party! after the party!after the party!
  16. Whoa you just brought back an ancient thread.
  17. No shit. It's a shame I didn't post when those cats were here. I've seen a couple of them post here or there but not all of them. :( Where's the nostalgia?
  18. WOW. I remember this!
    Flash from the past!
    Gotta do a bonghit for this one. I do miss the rainman and BPP. And highya and gangafish.......I miss havin the time to come here anymore.
    Anyway....here's to all you stoners out there - then and now!
  19. :wave:

    High Stonie Jo! Nice to see ya! :D

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