What a week! DC, CT, NY, Lots of weed, lack of weed, etc (my update)

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Here's my update/why i haven't been posting for a week-ish

    haha, i've been everywhere this past week. visited a friend in CT, saw a prescreening of pineapple express (awesome), went to rock the bells in jones beach, NY (incredible, with Jay Z and Busta randomly showing up). I've never blazed at a concert so much in my life: method man and redman came out, started telling everyone to light up, and 75% of everyone pulled out a J or an L, fuckin incredible. Not to mention I made $10 selling J papers inside the concert for a buck each which paid for like, a water and a candy bar lol

    Now im in D.C, our nations capital with my pops and brother, and i couldnt bring bud cuz we changed our plans from driving to flying... i hate not blazing. I did find half a joint out front of the park near the washington monument, so i hit that shit up haha. I also told my brother (older but doesn't smoke) that i blaze, which he knew, but it was still kinda weird. We've seen mad shit, and DC is pretty cool, but i cant wait to get back home and blaze it up with all my friends before i head back to school.

    P.S im freakin out with the new grasscity!!! It seems better, but im gonna have to figure out mad shit when i get home, it seems. I (by I, i mean my dad) am payin 13 bucks for me to post on grasscity today lol, so it'll be my only post until the weekend. Just figured id let everyone know what i'ev been up to, how hectic/interesting/fun shits been, and why i haven't been around.
  2. sounds pretty fun to me man, the fuckin sux u ended up flying, fuckers..

    see you wen you get back man:wave:

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