What a messed up day.

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  1. So my buddy picked me up around 2 or so and we went to this epic smoking spot to blaze up. He tells me he has something called a Helix..

    So when I saw it I was blown away.

    The smoke actually tornado's and twists, it's nothing like I've ever seen before!


    Anyway.. We smoked about 2 bowls from the thing and it felt like I was taking bong rips. Everything was chill, no bugs, legit spot, only crazy people would run through because the hill was just too steep..

    We hear obvious yelling and I tell dude to put the piece away. 2 people from each side had triangled us and were yelling a specific name (unknown) over and over, they got closer and louder..

    This is the best I could do for a visual: I'm the red dot and the black circles above me are the man & woman!


    When I looked back and to my left I saw a man pop out of the bushes who looked like this guy.......


    OK now he asked me if I had seen a little girl.

    A. not good
    B. weed
    c. missing child?

    I should have asked what age this girl was and maybe more importantly if she can swim. Otherwise my imagination leaves me to believe a 2 year old infant went tumbling down a rocky trail that leads directly into not so shallow water consisting or copious amounts of lilly pads, swamp shit, and I'd imagine some crazy giant fish.. ><

    So we dip, end up running into this red face bitch with a dog and get followed and glared at profusely
    until we manage to escape. I heard her talking about calling the park rangers, so we dipped into this alternate path.

    When we got to the exit there were about 15-20 people just standing there, cell phones, water bottles, dogs, trucks, sweat, and right after crossing the street to get in the car a county sheriff rolls up lights and all.

    Somehow we got to the car, escaped the scenario without being involved, but also had some
    insane adrenaline rush knowing we experienced a search and rescue mission...
  2. hopefully the girl will be alright but that just sounds like an exhilarating time haha. i love the feeling of escaping those situations
  3. oh btw that piece is sick

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