What A Little Bitch

Discussion in 'General' started by ArnoldShortman, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Were you involved? How did you come across that video?
  2. No I wasn't involved.
    Someone sent it to me.
  3. he kicked him in the face when he was on the ground. WTF?
  4. lmfao!!!!!!!!! it was pretty lame by the white kid to sucker punch someone like that, must have been watching too much wrastlin on the tv
  5. The Ice Cream truck made for some good fighting music. :laughing:
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    Maybe they'll get hit (by an automobile) next time.
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    Ok the fucking scooter in the beginning should tell you exactly what was about to go down :laughing:
    edit: do either of them know anything about head movement? you don't lean back and punch lmao
  8. Yeah it's a cheap shot, but if your gettin slapped by whiteweather, don't try and shake his hand.
  9. I agree. That would have gotten my adrelin flowing so much that i would not feel the pain. I would have jumped up and rammed his fuckin head into the brick wall. LOLing at the ice cream truck music in the background. Then the ice cream guys says "well, I guess they are not here to buy ice cream" so he leaves LOLOLOLOL
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  10. That was adorable.
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  11. Why didn't he go for the fucking boxers?! So disappointing. That would've made for a wonderful ball-crunching wedgie. Don't kids even know how to fight anymore?
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    Dude your sig is so awesome

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