What a great celebration

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JakeNBake, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Well I decided to get pretty high tonight. I had to stop after a huge hit made me feel like I might pass out for a sec. Went in and ate cookies / had a good time. Then everyones leaving and I decide to go for a walk and sober up. Now this is my cousins neighborhood a mile from mine, I practically grew up here.

    So I'm walking around the block and it feels a bit weird, I start to feel uneasy but brush it off and keep walking, try to enjoy it. I get to the end of the block where it goes onto a sort of main road (its a suburb pretty much) and this dude is standing outside of his house obviously angry and talking on a cell phone. I decided not to go on the mainroad incase someone like my parents saw me and was wondering wtf I was doing. (I don't know I was stoned)

    So I decide to turn around. I'm walking back and it just feels weird. I get around the corner and I hear "HEY BUDDY"

    I turn around to see him pretty close to me and walking towards me. He asked "What were you doin, scoping out my house? I just told him that I was walking around to get fresh air and he walked back. But god damn that scared the shit out of me and now I have crazy paranoia. Then I get home and turn off my car and my friend came running up at my car at full speed. I seriously thought it was that guy to kill me or something. But he was at this chicks house around the corner.

    So I got in his car and drove around. But damn my night is ruined.

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